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Chicane – Hiding All The Stars

March 11, 2010
The official music video, sporty, sexy and stunning, is now available on the Armada Music Youtube channel.

For almost 15 years already, has Chicane’s brought his fusion of dance, ambient and pop music. And to many success, given the popularity of ‘Offshore’, ‘Saltwater’, ‘Don’t Give Up’, ‘Love On The Run’ and the more recent ‘Poppiholla’ and ‘Bruised Water’. Last year, Nick Bracegirdle released his ‘Best of’ album, a collection of the finest Chicane cuts of the past 12 years. The album was a foretaste of the upcoming artist album, set for release this year!

This year, the British songwriter/producer is back with a new single, ‘Hiding All The Stars’. Featuring a sample of the legendary ‘Gary Numan – Cars’ and vocals of Tash Andrews , this one is set for big things to happen. ‘Hiding All the Stars’ is a unique crossover of house and pop, staying true to the Chicane sound with the harmonies and synths working at full force.

The official music video, sporty, sexy and stunning,  is now available on the Armada Music Youtube channel.

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