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Check the Armada Music Apps!

February 18, 2010
Be sure there’s plenty of space left to fill your iPhone or iPod Touch with some good music, cause we’re about to introduce you to our applications!

No, we’re not asking you to check our abs, we’re asking if you and your iPhone or iPod Touch are ready for some good music! Be sure there’s plenty of space left to fill them with some good music, cause we’re about to introduce you to our applications. Your favourite music is only a download away…

Armin van Buuren ‘Imagine’ app

The ‘Imagine’ DVD app lets iPhone and iPod touch users view the complete performance of Armin van Buuren’s sold-out Armin Only concert at the Jaarbeurs venue in Utrecht. The concert was one of the highlights of the number one DJ’s career.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to use the App Store as another way to make my music and performances available to fans,” said Armin van Buuren. “We’ve only just begun to test the limits of what is possible and we’ll be asking fans for their feedback so we can deliver amazing apps for iPhone and iPod touch in the future.”

The Armin Only App is available for € 5,99 on iTunes!

Markus Schulz iPhone app

Markus Schulz’ dance floor domination is set to intensify with the addition of an iPhone application to his electronic music empire. You will now be able to keep in touch with the man himself from the palm of your own hand; with pictures, news and all the latest sounds from the trance producer.

Get minute by minute updates from Markus on Twitter and via the news feed direct from his website. Never miss a trick or a track from the Coldharbour boss, as all of his music becomes available to stream or download via iTunes. Markus Schulz’ world has just become smaller and far easier for you to access. Out now, the iPhone application will expand Schulz beyond the realms of electronic music, giving you the chance to interact with one of the world’s biggest producers. Get to the heart of the Markus Schulz machine.

Be the first in the know and download the Markus Schulz app on iTunes for free!

Trance Top 100 - Best of 2009 app

Your iPhone or iPod Touch are about to be filled with 100 smashing trance tracks of 2009! Armada Music and Icemobile set up a special app, which offers you the full album of 'Trance Top 100- Best of 2009' for only € 5,99 / $ 7,99 on iTunes.

'Trance 100 - Best of 2009' is an overview of the strongest, toughest and most outstanding trance tracks of the year 2009. 100 tracks by brand new talents and renowned producers that keep things fresh. We've got Armin van Buuren, Simon Patterson, Rank 1, Roger Shah, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery and many others, showing you what the year 2009 has meant for trance.

Time to get your trance fix and check out the 'Trance Top 100 - Best of 2009' app on iTunes!

Universal Religion Chapter 4 App

Armin van Buuren presents the release of the complete 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' as an iPhone app. The app for the fourth chapter of this beloved album series contains a special player and all tracks of the album, for a considerably lower price than a regular download on iTunes.

The 'Universal Religion' series has been going strong since the first edition in 2004 and comes straight from the epicenter of dance in summer: Club Amnesia in Ibiza. 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' is a live recording of one of Armin's parties there, filled with exclusive tracks and remixes and displaying the unique ambience of a night out on party island Ibiza.

For the small price of € 4,99/ $ 5,99, IceMobile and Armin provide you the perfect way to enjoy 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' on your iPhone! Download the app on iTunes!

Markus Schulz – World Tour Best of 2009 App

If you want to travel the world through sound, Markus Schulz has the exact right App for your iPhone or iPod Touch! His successful compilation 'World Tour - Best of 2009', that was recently nominated for an International Dance Music Award for 'Best Full Length DJ Mix', is now available as an application.

Markus Schulz released the album at the end of 2009. The tracks on the album don't only represent a journey through music, but also pass by the many beautiful places he's played at. From St. Petersburg to Budapest and Ibiza to Las Vegas, every city has its own soundtrack, live recorded during one of Markus' sets.

The App for 'World Tour - Best of 2009' contains a special player and all tracks of the album. For the price of only € 5,99 / $ 6,99, IceMobile and Markus Schulz provide you dance lovers a perfect way to enjoy the album on their iPhone or iPod Touch. Get the Markus Schulz 'World Tour - Best of 2009' App on iTunes now!

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