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BT reveals artwork upcoming artist album!

June 01, 2013
BT has revealed the artwork for his upcoming artist album 'A Song Across Wires'!

Brian Transeau:“When I’m making a record, it’s like pointillism in art. Literally – it’s dot by dot. Like a painter. I’m working on a monocular level.“

The legacy of a production wizard. The understanding of electronic dance music and all of its options. ‘A Song Across Wires’ is BT’s highly anticipated ninth studio album, and another highlight to admirers of the special spark that makes his sounds glow. Carrying 12 musical promises of the Grammy-nominated producer, including collaborations with tyDi, Adam K, Aqualung, Tritonal, JES and more, this is the future sound of 2013.

The album will be release August 16th on Armada Music.

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