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Bender touches down on The Bearded Man with FunkHouse record 'Love Rush In'

February 01, 2019
When you think of The Bearded Man, what comes to mind? For most people, the image is immediately clear: They see a pink neon headband holding back long curly hair. They see sweat dripping from a furrowed brow. They see a hand triumphantly in the air, pointing towards the sky. They see a long, majestic beard moving in the wind - a wind created by sheer speed. The source of that speed? Why, going backwards as fast as possible on roller skates at a rink, with disco music blasting in the background of course. Is this play time? Hell no. This is serious. Dance contest serious. And The Bearded Man *hates* losing dance contests... At a key moment in his routine, The Bearded Man gestures towards the sound guy, nodding suggestively. The pimply-faced wannabe DJ drops Bender’s Love Rush, and things kick into gear. FunkHouse was born, and it was game over for his competitors, obviously.

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