Behind the voice: Sir Adrian

March 19, 2009
A multi-functional music making machine.

A multi-functional music making machine. That's one way to describe him. A passionate vocalist with a deep, roaring voice to fit some of the biggest tracks around EDM, is another. Fact is, that Dutch producer / songwriter / singer / composer Adrian Broekhuijse has music flowing through his veins. The voice behind 'The Space We Are' and 'Times X', the co-producer of 'The Sound of Goodbye' and 'Beauty Hides In The Deep' and the mastermind behind numerous other big tracks. Sir Adrian is one of the rare, multi-talented inkfish today's EDM scenes has to offer. Let's take a dive into his world.

Armada: When did you first started singing?
Adrian: 'For fun a few years ago on a never released Ferry Corsten track.'

Armada: When and how did you notice there was more than just a good ring to it?
Adrian: 'Somehow people react good to my voice. So I guess that the dark and melancholic feel rings a bell with the dance crowd. Happy unhappiness...'

Armada: Especially in EDM, there's not a lot of male vocals. Do you think that's a shame, or do you prefer your status as a rare gift in the EDM scene?
Adrian: 'To be honest I don't give it a second thought. When something interesting pops up and it fits my vocal: great! I have a lot of fun doing it. But for the most I just like to make music and enjoy it anyway I can in the process. As for not a lot of male vocals, trance is kind of emotional and female voices are maybe more linked to being sensitive... but I wouldn't really know maybe it's just a matter of fashion.

Armada: You've been involved with numerous projects, both production wise and as a composer or songwriter. Is there any project of them you're most proud of?
Adrian: 'I've been very fortunate to work with so many excellent producers: Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Robbie Rivera, Ronski Speed, Blank & Jones, Cosmic Gate, Marcel Woods, Bart Claessen, Andy Prinz, Ernesto & Bastian, Roger Shah, Alex Morph, Don Diablo , Matt Darey and so many more. How can I choose?'

Armada: How did you end up in EDM?
Adrian: 'My big brother is a producer and I always knew that I wanted to make music so I just floated into the business. I just love music.'

Armada: What makes a vocal a good vocal in your eyes?
Adrian: 'On a technical level I believe, the right emotion, intention and timing. But also the right production and effects on the vocals can really make a great record. Think of Holden and Thompson 'Nothing' where the FX made the vocals really outstanding.'

Armada: Got any vocal heroes yourself?
Adrian: 'Toooooooo many to mention. And what I like in the morning is not what I would like to hear on the dancefloor. Music... I just love the stuff!'

Armada: Dreaming of any special collabs?
Adrian: 'Anybody that inspires me.'

Armada: Did you do a lot of live performances, or do you prefer to be in the studio?
Adrian: 'I'm a producer hermit. :-) But I just did a thing with M.I.K.E. and he asked me to do some gigs in the summer so I might give it a thought.'

Armada: Any exciting stuff coming up in 2009?
Adrian: 'My own singles with Riva (Who Do You Love Now) and together with M.I.K.E.
Further more, I produced a few cool vocal tracks with Alex Morph for his upcoming album (Regret and Sunset Blvd), a couple of singles with Richard Durand (Always The Sun and No Way Home Feat. Simon), a new single with Rex Mundi (feat. Susana) Nothing at All (upcoming on Armada) and on a different note a new single for Robbie Rivera (Closer to The Sun) which is currently being remixed by David Guetta. We also have finally finished the new single with upcoming Dutch talent Julian Vincent. Again feat. Cathy Burton. '

Armada: A few choices:
- Acoustic or Non-acoustic?
Adrian: 'Both.'
- Dry vocals or Filtered/reverbed vocals?
Adrian: 'Both.'
- Natural talent or Singing Lessons?
Adrian: 'Natural talent.'

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