Behind the voice: Josie

February 23, 2009
A warm, gentle voice that perfectly translates the emotions of a track.

A warm, gentle voice that perfectly translates the emotions of a track. Even though so far we've only heard her sing 'Strangers We've Become', it's obvious this young vocal talent has a promising future. Given the fact that she's the 'little' sister of Jaren will most probably help her along the way as well, but one thing's for sure: she's got a voice of her own. Another few exciting projects are coming up, as Josie has only just made a first impression but is up for so much more. Time for a look behind Josie's voice.

Armada: When did you started singing and how did you noticed there was more than just a good ring to it?Josie: 'I began singing at a very young age with my sister. My parents encouraged us to practice and compete in talent shows and for family events. People started to comment on how harmonious our voices sounded together, and indeed it is unique to hear us yodel in harmony.'
Armada: It's actually your sister, Jaren, that got you into singing dance tracks. Were there any other singing projects you've done before? Josie: 'Jaren has really encouraged me to keep singing and to try dance projects. So far it has been an eye-opening experience to record in the dance genre, and one that I have enjoyed immensely. I have no previous recording experience, but I have been part of the University of Wyoming Centennial Singers as a singer/dancer and I also participate in a women's a cappella choir called the Betty's at the University of Wyoming.'
Armada: Jaren said the projects you're doing are the one's she had to reject to make sure it doesn't become 'an overkill of Jaren'. You must feel very lucky having an opportunity like this? Josie: 'I am very lucky that Jaren is willing to share the spotlight! She has supported my interest 100%.'
Armada: Are you actually into dance music, or did you only recently fall in love with it?Josie: 'My love of dance music continues to grow as I continue to listen and attend shows. The past two years have really changed my perspective on dance music because I used to think it was robotic and monotonous, but now I feel like my listening is a method to relaxation and happiness. Every time I listen I think back to the shows that I've been to and the energy of the people and it always puts a smile on my face. '
Armada: What convinced you to work on 'Strangers We've Become'? Josie: 'I fell in love with the lyrics because I had been through a tough break-up and I felt like the lyrics really captured my emotions about the ordeal. Jaren's encouragement and artistic coaching also helped me to record for the first time because I was a newbie at recording.'
Armada: How have the reactions been so far?Josie: 'I've been surprised at all of the positive feedback. I just want to thank people for their interest and their support."
Armada: Do you feel it's a chance to work on a singing career, or do you not aspire one?Josie: 'A singing career would be amazing. I keep telling Jaren that I will record as long as it is fun for me. So far so good, and I think I will always enjoy expressing myself creatively with my voice.'
Armada: What makes a vocal a good vocal in your eyes?Josie: 'I think that a good vocal can bring out the emotion of the song and can invoke a certain feeling which makes the lyrics shine and enhances the melody.'
Armada: Got any vocal heroes yourself?Josie: 'My sister and Dad are a couple of my heroes because they're always willing to take risks and try new things with their voices. Other favorites in various genres include: my Grandma Vi, Ella Fitzgerald, Josh Groban, Craig Morgan, and Daby Toure.'

Armada: Your MySpace says your currently working with Pulser, John O'Callaghan, and Cerf/Mitiska & Jaren. What can you tell us about these projects?Josie: 'If I told you, I'd have to kill you. All I can say is that I'm excited to be working on these projects and that I would like to thank my big sister for all of her help and experience.'
Armada: What more can we expect of you in the future? Josie: 'I don't know how the cards will play out, but if I had my way you would be hearing a duet in the future. The possibility of working on more projects is always encouraging to me, and I'm always learning.'

Armada: A few choices
- Acoustic or Non-acoustic? Josie: "I like to hear soul in the voice, so acoustic mostly."- Dry vocals or Filtered/reverbed vocals? Josie: I prefer all natural, but effects have a unique place, especially in dance music.- Natural talent or Singing Lessons?Josie: I've had a few lessons myself, and I mostly prefer to listen to voices that have their own unique stylistic qualities and natural flow.
For more info on Josie, check Josie's Myspace.

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