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Beatport Exclusives (Week 46)

November 12, 2012
Hot, new releases, out now on Beatport!

Daleri - En Route
Funky rhythms and bulky beats are served, as the Daleri duo returns for a second round on Trice Recordings! Following their ‘Touché’ debut, they bring us ‘En Route’. And you bet, this one’s en route to the dance floor.

2 Faced Funks – Kingdom
Breaking through the barrier of peak-time, mystery duo 2 Faced Funks rock about with their latest taste of what’s coming from their upcoming debut album. It’s the mighty, energetic ‘Kingdom’ that’ll rule.

Richard Beynon & Yanik Coen – Metronome
Perfecto’s Richard Beynon returns with another killer single, this time collaborating with French producer Yanik Coen. As with all of his productions, Richard cuts no corners in the quality department and his technical ability is equally on point. This is a partnership that really works and we love it.

Ram presents Gecko – Departures
Stretching, blending and fusing styles has become the rule to follow for EDM producers. And that’s exactly what Dutch producer RAM salutes. He embraces the freedom of diversity, kicking in with the solid ‘Departures’, under his new Gecko moniker.

Wezz Devall - The Great White Buffalo
You know he’s got the groove, funk and knows how to make the bass kick. Combining all that with a powerful melody, makes Wezz Devall’s latest offering stand out. ‘The Great White Buffalo’ is here, and you know it.

Peter Jürgens & Stefan Dabruck - Love It Again
After collaborating with the likes of Christian Burns and Tocadisco, Stefan Dabruck presents his next weapon of choice. Through the sounds of ‘Love It Again’, he heads for the proggy depths, with Peter Jürgens at his side.

Ron Hagen & Al-Exander - Electric Eyes & Flight To Basu
Strengthening their brotherly bond, Ron Hagen and Al-Exander unveil their next E.P.. Keeping the steady bass of prog-trance, they present their collaboration, ‘Electric Eyes’ & ‘Flight To Basu’.

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