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Beatport Exclusives (Week 40)

October 01, 2012
Hot, new releases, out now on Beatport!

Husman - EDM & Memories Of You
With a keen ear for new talent, W&W welcome back the promising sounds of Dutch producer Husman. On Mainstage Music, he kicks in two new favourites: ‘E.D.M.’ and ‘Memories of You’.

StoneFace & Terminal - Gallery Of Sound & Green Velvet
German duo Stoneface & Terminal have come a long way since bursting onto the scene. With their latest offering, the energetic ‘Gallery of Sound’ and feel-good ‘Green Velvet’, the boys let us know they’re still on a mission to please the masses.

Tenishia - Where Do We Begin (incl. Andrew Rayel Remix)
Causing a dream to turn into reality, Tenishia’s debut album ‘Memory of a Dream’ gathers 8 years of collaboration. One of its many gems, and the official follow-up to ‘Point Of No Return’ and ‘As It Should’, is the emotional ‘Where Do We Begin’.

Aerofoil - Afterburned & ID Frenzy
Nijmegen native Aerofoil has enjoyed his 2012 summer. Fresh from releasing the poignant Oslo Anthem alongside friends E&G, he ventures back into his more accustomed dark territories, in the form of ‘ID Frenzy’ and ‘Afterburned’.

Protoculture - Perpetual Motion
Navigating his way around the pigeonholes, South-Africa’s Protoculture has definitely made some miles in the course of his career. Fusing styles and skipping boxes, he now presents the latest addition to his legacy. Hyped by Armin van Buuren for weeks, Protoculture finally reveals ‘Perpetual Motion’.

Ralphie B - Face Off & The Holy Grail
Though he’s proven to be a gifted producer in trance and progressive, Ralphie B is not the type to rest on his laurels. A decade after his classic ‘Massive’, the Dutchman gives us some new ear candy, rushing in are ‘The Holy Grail’ & ‘Face Off’.

Matt Darey feat. Erica Driscoll - Too Far
It may have taken him 15 years to finalize his debut album, but trust us…it’ll be mere seconds till Matt Darey’s new single gets under your skin. Taken from ‘Blossom & Decay’, is the string infused prog tune ‘Too Far’.

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