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Beatport Exclusives (Week 29)

July 16, 2012
Hot, new releases, out now on Beatport!

tyDi – Sex, Lies & Still Oblivious
Nearly a year after the second artist album of Australia’s rising star tyDi landed, ‘Shooting Stars’ still shines upon today’s EDM scene. The young talent unleashes a dark, proggy gem, with the sounds of ‘Sex, Lies & Still Oblivious’.

Ruben de Ronde vs Woody van Eyden – Devan
Riding the summer wave, Ruben de Ronde and Woody van Eyden drop a melodic, well-flowing tune. Fit for the trance and prog loving masses, ‘Devan’ shimmers like the warm, afternoon sun.

Judge Jules & Corderoy – Give Me A Reason
Always ready for some outside-the-box action, Judge Jules makes his growling bass intertwine with the break-beat & prog delight of UK talent Corderoy. ‘Give Me A Reason’ brings you the best of both worlds, with booming bass pleasure.

Rebels Without A Cause – Compuphonic
Keeping up with the high tide of the prog-house movement, is the Rebels Without A Cause project. Following their ‘Red Violin’ collab with York, is their feel-good prog tune of ‘Compuphonic’!

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