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Beatport Exclusives (Week 20)

May 14, 2012

A new week, bursting with new musical surprises! Let’s introduce you to our Beatport Exclusives of this week!

Susana & Rex Mundi All Time Low (incl. Aerofoil + The Madison Remix)
It has been a monumental few years for the beautiful Susana. After capturing hearts around the world with her performance on the iconic ‘Nothing at All’, she reunites with fellow Coldharbour favorite Rex Mundi to deliver ‘All Time Low’ - a prelude to her second artist album ‘Brave’.

Anton Firtich & Cramp - Microwave Chicken + Amazing
Russia’s showing off its up and coming generation of EDM producer. Talents Cramp & Anton Firtich bring in a bulky E.P. with a playful character, ‘Microwave Chicken’ and ‘Amazing’.

letthemusicplay - Waves
A new sensation has struck dance land. The Letthemusicplay project might be covered in mystery, but they let their music do the talking. Shortly after their debut track ‘Space’, they hit it off with another winner: ‘Waves’.

Heatbeat - Rocker Monster (Remixes)
Though there’s no better treatment for dancefloor destruction but the Heatbeat one, it’s now time to trade places. Argentinean duo Heatbeat sees their monster-hits ‘Arganda’ and ‘Rocker Monster’ remixed by Chris Schweizer, Kent & Gian and Tomas Heredia!

James Dymond - Paladin + Odyssey
Since making his debut on Armada’s Aropa label, dance land embraced the sound of James Dymond. The UK producer is on for another round of crowd pleasing, this time with the mesmerizing ‘Paladin’ and ‘Odyssey’. 

Gary Caos - Specialize In Love
Armada Music’s latest addition to the house of music, is M Recordings. A label set up to manifest our love for that ongoing house beat, the never-ending melodies and the sound that’s been haunting the speakers for over 25 years. M Recordings launches with the feel-good tune ‘Specialize in Love’, by none other than Gary Caos! 

New York FM feat. Natalie Gauci - Everytime (incl. Disfunktion Remix)
On the look-out for the summer anthem of 2012? Well, you’ve found it! New York FM and Australian singer and Idols winner Natalie Gauci give sound to the festival season, kicking in with the feel-good tune of ‘Everytime’. 

Mike Shiver feat. Bo Bruce - Still Here (incl Carl Louis & Martin Danielle Remix)
It’s been a while since we last heard a Mike Shiver tune kick in. But the Swedish producer makes up for it. Featuring the mind-shivering vocals of Bo Bruce, ‘Still Here’ is the perfect prog-trance to welcome spring. 

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