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Beatport Exclusives (2013-25)

June 17, 2013
Brand new Beatport exclusives, hot off release!

Simon Patterson feat. Lucy Pullin - The One
There’s a first for everything. 15 years into the business, Simon Patterson makes his debut on Armind Recordings. Featuring the sugarsweet vocals of Lucy Pullin, is ‘The One’!

Aurosonic & Martire feat. Aelyn – Paradise
Take a deep dive into the dreamscapes of the latest A State of Trance release. Hot off the studios of Russian duo Aurosonic and US producer Martire, is their collab with Aelyn, ‘Paradise’.

Fisherman & Hawkins - Rude Awakening
Fisherman & Hawkins have shifted into high gear. And the world is listening. Following the all-destroying smash of ‘Apache’ and its follow-up ‘Gold’, is the pounding bass of ‘Rude Awakening’.

Bjorn Akesson – Breathe
Whatever the title to his new tune may imply, it’ll hardy give you the chance to catch up on your breath. Bjorn Akesson leaves you breathless, with the all-destroying and floor-sweeping sound of ‘Breathe’.


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