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Beatport Exclusives (2013-24)

June 10, 2013
Brand new Beatport exclusives, hot off release!

BT - Skylarking (Remixes)
A tune that continues to surprise, no matter how many times you’ve had it stuck on replay. BT’s ‘Skylarking’ keeps revealing new faces, shades and sparks. Through the official remix pack, UK’s Ilan Bluestone and Israel’s Moar Levi introduce you to their interpretation of this future BT classic.

Rick Mitchells – Jinxed
Dutch producer Rick Mitchells only handles one speed, and that’s full throttle. Road-tested and approved by W&W, putting a spell on the global audiences, is his new tune ‘Jinxed’.

Max Graham - The Evil ID
Nothing gets an EDM fan more excited than the mysteries of an ID. That one track played in a set that you just can’t find the title of. Well…this time, Max Graham ID’s it for you! Bringing out the darker shades of his sound, is ‘The Evil ID’.

Jorn van Deynhoven - Six Zero Zero & Cheeky
It’s a given fact. You’ll instantly recognize a van Deynhoven tune when you hear one. Keeping his trademark sound alive and kicking, he kicks in with the powerful ‘Cheeky’ and ‘Six Zero Zero’.

David Duque - Little Shine In The Mountains
The progressive depths continue to be explored, this time by upcoming producer David Duque. The Colombian producer makes his Armada debut, with the intriguing ‘Little Shine In The Mountains’ on Electronic Elements.

Yahel & Liya - I Dive
Perfecto Fluoro artist Yahel joins forces with vocalist Liya once again to create a smooth summer hit. Fusing the best elements of psy with melodic trance is an art Yahel has perfected.


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