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Beatport Exclusives (2013-20)

May 13, 2013
Brand new Beatport exclusives, hot off release!

Klauss Goulart & Mark Sixma – Rio
When premiered by Armin van Buuren in front of ten-thousands of screaming fans at A State of Trance 600 Sao Paolo, you know you’ve had a great kick-off. Right there, the rocking tune of ‘Rio’ by Klauss Goulart and Max van Voors became the latest sensation. Time to start shaking, as the sound of the drum lands on Armind!

Chris Schweizer - One & the Kraken
No longer a rookie to the scene, Chris Schweizer and his highly inflammable prog-electro sound are quickly gaining ground. Shortly after the booming bass of his Tomas Heredia collab has sounded, he kicks in with solo efforts ‘One’ and ‘The Kraken’. And boy, do they kick in hard!

Tomas Heredia - When I'm With You & Alchemist
A world-famous writer once said: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” In Tomas Heredia’s case, the universe is certainly lending a hand. His talents are on the rise, his sounds spreading fast. For good reason, his new ‘Alchemist’ E.P. on the Aropa label will tell you.

Rex Mundi - Hidden Treasures EP
A brand new E.P. of Rex Mundi making and the official follow-up to his ‘Opaque’ E.P., is the mighty ‘Hidden Treasures’ pack. Three prog tunes that lay on the deep end of things.

Filth & Spleandor feat. Marisa - Gold (incl. Moe Aly Remix + Paul Oakenfold Remixes)
Following on from last month’s package of brand new remixes of seminal Perfecto release ‘Southern Sun’ – we continue the Summer vibes with this beautiful vocal hit from super hot UK talent Filth & Splendour.

Solid Stone - Grid & Identity
Being able to stand out in the overflowing sea of EDM these days, is more than luck to upcoming producer Solid Stone. Following his strong Re*Brand debut, is the Cycles 4 approved ‘Identity’ and equally impressive ‘Grid’.

Fady & Mina – NinJa
A touch of classic with the feel of tomorrow. That’s what the sound of Fady & Mina is about. The Egyptian duo keeps the trance alive, blowing every speaker system away with ‘Ninja’!

Maarten de Jong - Wave Glider
He brings them at a rapid pace and shoots them right in. Maarten de Jong keeps uplifting alive and kicking, starting spring with the fresh sound of ‘Wave Glider’.

Greg Benz feat. Scotty.A - The Deep End
Living to the rhythm of prog for over 15 years, both Canada’s Greg Benz and UK’s Scotty A have caught a right groove in the producing games. ‘The Deep End’ is their ode to the classic prog sound of old, with a taste of tomorrow.

York - The Awakening 2013
One of the biggest Ibiza sunset classics, a 1998 highlight, returns to the white shores and dark club nights once more. With the 2013 version of ‘The Awakening’, York shows that his sounds are, in fact, timeless!

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