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Beatport Exclusives (2013-18)

April 29, 2013
Brand new Beatport exclusives, hot off release!

Aly & Fila feat. Chris Jones - Running Out Of Time
One of the biggest trance acts of today, Aly & Fila, present the first single of their upcoming artist album ‘Quiet Storm’. ‘Running Out Of Time’ features the vocals of Chris Jones, who’s previously worked with the likes of Armin van Buuren and more. A must-have track for all trance fans.

Alexander Popov - Lost Language

The opening tune on CD2 of Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 2013. Arguably the biggest trance tune to land in early 2013. Created by the quickly rising talent that is Alexander Popov, this is ‘Lost Language’.

Max Graham & Tania Zygar - Diamonds

Max Graham lets the music come alive. With early spring unlocking a fresh sound, the Canadian producer provides the nocturnal anthem of ‘Diamonds’. A smooth, warming prog-trancer with the voice of Tania Zygar, melting every last bit of winter.

Shato and Rockseek - Deer Friends
Two guys with a healthy dose of stamina to rock the crowd. Two Czech producers that know exactly how to. SHato & Paul Rockseek are new in VANDIT town, and witnessing the smash that is ‘Deer Friends , are ready to make their stay worthwhile.

Coldharbour Selections part 32
The second Coldharbour Selections offering is now upon us, as label owner Markus Schulz presents three tracks which have been given the listener seal of approval through Global DJ Broadcast and beyond.

Wezz Devall feat. Alana Aldea - On The Rise
Walking the fine line of trance, house and electro, Wezz Devall takes style-fusion to a completely different level. The young talent lives up to the title of his new tune, ‘On The Rise’ ft. Alana Aldea.  

Trice Sampler Volume 2
If you’ve got a taste for booming bass and an appetite for fresh-cut melodies, you’ll find your fix on Trice Recordings! Being one of the latest additions to the Armada Music imprints, Trice now introduces you to 4 of its brand new tunes. Sit tight, for the Trice Recordings Sampler Vol.2!  

tyDi - Remixed
Australia’s rising star tyDi is still stretching the curve. The young gun’s got some heavy-weight tracks, never losing their spark. Especially not now that they’re given a new translation by Tomas Heredia,  Eximinds, Dennis Sheperd and Brad & Victor H. Also rocking this package, is his original tune of ‘Jelly’.

B.EXP - Overmind
Fluoro fans will love this, a debut release from Russian producer B.Exp along with two uber cool mixes from label regulars Thomas Datt and Magnus.  

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