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Beatport Exclusives (2013-16)

April 15, 2013
Brand new Beatport exclusives, hot off release!

Gabriel & Dresden vs D-wayne  - Shatter (Remixes)
Gabriel & Dresden kicked off the year with a big drop, the monster that was ‘Shatter’. A collab with one of today’s rising Dutch talents, D-wayne. Three months after impact, it's going to rule floors once again, coming to you in the Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Tellur remixes!

Conjure One feat Leigh Nash - Under The Gun (incl. Rank 1 Remix)
The legend of Delerium lives on in the sounds of Conjure One. Producer Rhys Fulber and singer Leigh Nash bring a new cross-over of ambient and electronic bliss. ‘Under The Gun’ is the perfect blend of emotions, classic quality and strong vocals.

Maison & Dragen feat. Jeremy Carr - Never Gonna Stop
Stretching the curve and moving at the steady pace of their success, one of EDM’s latest discoveries is Finnish duo Maison & Dragen. The duo now lands another solid vocal piece. Haunting the floors these coming months, is ‘Never Gonna Stop’ ft. Jeremy Carr.  

Steve Haines - Charged  & Requiem
According to Max Graham, he’s at the eve of his big breakthrough. When listening to his latest E.P., you know that he could very well be right. Steve Haines returns to Re*Brand, with the magnificent duo of ‘Charged’ & ‘Requiem’.

Sebastian Brandt – Paragon
It’s been a while since the world danced to a brand new Sebastian Brandt release. But the dark days are over, as the Swedish producer finally lands a new anthem to brighten the night. Be ready to meet ‘Paragon’.

JimiJ - Mea Culpa & Nova Lux
With the debut E.P. of JimiJ, Electronic Elements brings a new shade of progressive. Take a deep dive into the sounds of the Australian talent, through the beat-beauties that are ‘Mea Culpa’ & ‘Nova Lux’.

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