Audio Club - Sumthin' Serious

April 17, 2007
The Audio Club is the joint effort of Brooks Buford, Ashley Alan-Lee and silent member-producer singer/songwriter Tommy Henriksen.

The Audio Club is the joint effort of Brooks Buford, Ashley Alan-Lee and silent member-producer singer/songwriter Tommy Henriksen. The artistic blend of Brooks, Ashley and Tommy is stylish and charismatic; their music reflects playful personality, happy cynicism with broad appeal.
Serious artists, musicians, friends, music geeks that are disciplined and don't take themselves too seriously. Like the rap lyrics from their debut record "Sumthin' Serious"-'jump back-it's the brat pack, white like an iMac, take it all the way to Iraq in a Cadillac, drunk punk, go ahead jump jump, put your ear to the speaker now bump bump.'
Brooks Buford is southern fried-born in Montgomery, Alabama and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His career in the spotlight as a rapper/producer in the southern hip hop duo Rehab (Sony Music), basically Atlanta's answer to the ridiculous phenomena of shitty rap/rock that had taken over the globe. The group slaughtered the competition in realness and actual rhyming ability (a first for the genre) and went on to score a top 20 hit on Modern Rock radio with "It Dont Matter" cultivating a huge following particularly in the south and scanning 250 thousand units with the album Southern Discomfort.
A seasoned rapper, former drug dealer/user and sometimes mental patient managed to land himself a gig as host of MTV's 'Trailer Fabulous'. After his 10 minutes of fame, Brooks heads back to lab (a.k.a. Rock Farm) with his producer and friend Tommy Henriksen in search of his other five minutes. They lay down some beats; some rhymes and started an immediate search for the right female to sing the hooks. Tommy decided to bring in his protègè Ashley Alan-Lee to be the singer of the group and The Audio Club was created.
18-year-old Ashley Alan-Lee is a young well-versed performer and artist coming into her own. In her early teens she was rapidly developing skills as a singer and entertainer. A California grown beach girl split between her laidback upbringing and the allure of the fast paced L.A club scene, where she was exposed to the excesses of Hollywood's underbelly. She was heading toward borderline delinquency and dysfunction, Ashley quickly chose not to fall victim to the out of control teenage stereotype. She set herself apart from her peers and remained focused. Inspired by Beyonce and Christina, we have another empowered female songstress poised and ready for what 2007 may hold.
Sumthin' Serious is a lovely 'feel good' song that will be going through your head whole day long! Audio Club - Sumthin`Serious is Out Now!! Something Serious also entered the Dutch National charts 'Tipparade' on the 30th place!
Watch it here.Buy the single here.

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