ASOT400 Interview: Signum

April 16, 2009
Signum and A State of Trance go back a long time.

Signum and A State of Trance go back a long time. Dutchmen Pascal Minnaard and Ron Hagen had their first release in 1997, and their first ASOT release about 6 years later. 'Push Through', the 4th release of the label, grew out to be one of trance's ultimate classics and was hammered in the A State of Trance radioshow. But more was on the way. It's safe to say that Signum, being responsible for more than 17 trance bangers that have kept the genre alive over the past decade, are more than just part of the ASOT playlist. They're regular listeners, admirers and above all fan of the show. Signum's part of the furniture, and therefore it's no surprise they'll be celebrating along with all the other listeners, by giving away a smashing set in Germany's Club Butan. Time for a little flashback into the past 8 years with these 2 trance masterminds.

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