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ASOT 600 New York: join us at Madison Square Garden!

January 03, 2013
It’s getting closer and closer…only a few weeks to go until the 600th episode of A State of Trance kicks off! The countdown has officially started and anticipation rises. Tonight on the radio show, Armin van Buuren announced the line-up to 3 more shows.

On March 30th, Armin van Buuren will have his A State of Trance 600 world tour touch down in New York’s Madison Square Garden. The arena will gather thousands of EDM lovers for a spectacular show with some of the world’s best DJ’s and talents, part of the world tour that celebrates the 600th episode of the Dutch DJ’s A State of Trance radio show.

After weeks of anticipation, fans of the A State of Trance radio show finally know where they’ll be celebrating: Madison Square Garden. The home base of the New York Knicks and New York Rangers, as well as the place where legendary pop acts such as Queen, Michael Jackson and Madonna have performed, will gather no less than 14,000 EDM lovers for a worldwide spectacle. Broadcast live all across the planet, the ASOT 600 show at Madison Square Garden reaches out to millions of people. A State of Trance 600 New York will surely go down in history.

The New York show is a part of the ‘A State of Trance 600 – The Expedition’ world tour. In February, March and April, Armin celebrates the 600th episode of his A State of Trance radio show with a world tour bigger than he’s ever done before. The radio show, broadcast through more than 62 radio stations in 52 countries worldwide, has an average amount of 20 million listeners each week. Since the announcement in October, the Dutch DJ has revealed 11 dates and cities in which ‘The Expedition’ tour will take place. 7 of the editions will be broadcast live, interacting with and uniting millions of listeners from all across the globe, through multi-digital techniques. This world tour will be bigger and more interactive than any previous ASOT celebration has ever been.

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