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August 21, 2009
Keeping the trance scene alive and kicking, it's the warm beats of Agustin Servente and Matias Faint that serve the ever-growing amount of trance fans exactly that what they need: energetic, melodic trance, peak time all the way.

Argentina has all reason to be proud. Keeping the trance scene alive and kicking, it's the warm beats of Agustin Servente and Matias Faint that serve the ever-growing amount of trance fans exactly that what they need: energetic, melodic trance, peak time all the way. With their first vocal track 'Because Of You', featuring the lovely Josie, out on S107, it's clear the guys of Heatbeat don't fear a bit of challenge. And that's exactly what their ideas of making music are based upon. Heatbeat:"That's what Heatbeat is about. Make the difference."

Make the difference
Call it coincidence, serendipity or just plain luck, but the Heatbeat story began when Agustin and Matias discovered their shared passion for dance music through an Argentinean forum. Both posting their productions there, they soon found out that a combination of their sound might work more than well. It's been a mere three years since their story turned out to be a great one - as they let the temperature rise with tracks such as 'Push Over', 'Geeklove', 'Caledonia'. Heatbeat:"Those were good tracks with good feedback. We always wanted to be different from other producers and styles. But it's really difficult to get a 'sound'. We try to make every track stand out and don't make a standard trancer. That is what Heatbeat is about. Make the difference."

A same feeling
The past few months saw Heatbeat release several alarming good tunes. From the organic sounding 'Vergatron' to the melodic 'Paradise Garage'. Despite the different approach in all of their tracks, the true Heatbeat sound will always be present. Heatbeat:"If you take a listen to all those tracks , you'll notice they're not similar in style. 'Pushover' was dark and chunky. 'Nebula' groovy and more trancy. 'Paradise Garage' had a piano melody , 'Vergatron' was more up-tempo stuff. We always try to use different samples from the latest tracks. For us it's more fun and it's a challenge. But all the tracks share a same feeling in the end. They're energetic and peak time."

Heat & Chemistry
Initially, the Heatbeat project started for fun, and was build around a shared passion. In the meanwhile, things have gone pretty serious. Both Matias and Agustin work on music fulltime, spending their hours in the studio and travelling the globe to play at some of the world's best clubs. But despite the success they have, both guys keep both feet on the ground. After all, it's all about music. Heatbeat:"We don't think Heatbeat became more popular. Or at least we try not to think that. We are just two boys from Argentina that like to produce music and DJ. We still meet up every day for production sessions and do the travels for dj'ing. Now this is a job of course , but the chemistry is 100% great as always."

The planned result of that chemistry was planned to be released in 2009. Yes, Agustin and Matias had plans to release an album. So guys, where is it? Heatbeat:" Where is it? Where is it? I don't know! Those were plans which we couldn't execute cause we were short of time. However it's still a plan that we definitely have in mind. It would be one of our dreams come true." Looks like it's time to work on that dream, guys!

Don't cry for me
Though Europe is by some still considered the best continent to be at if you're into dance, Argentina is surely coming on strong. Heatbeat:"This was a year of changes in Argentina. Some clubs were closed and some other opened. So the promoters are a bit lost and the clubbers too. But it still was a good year so far. It's also really good because there are some young producers that are doing great stuff. Like the guys of Exit, Thr3shold , Detune, Kent and Gian, Sequence , to name a few."

Because of You
Out now on the S107 label, is Heatbeat first vocal track ever. Teaming up with Jaren's little sister Josie turned into the warm, mysterious trancer that is 'Because of You'. Heatbeat:"We were up for a new challenge and really wanted to make a vocal track. Actually, it was so funny, at the moment we have 3 new vocal projects about to get cooked. Josie did a great job on 'Because of You', and we tried to do some good mixes on it, a Dark mix and Light mix. It was a real challenge and we are really happy with the results." Whether you want a firm bite or a warm, uplifting touch, both mixes will get your liking.

Coming up
When it comes to future likings, there's more than enough piled up for this year. Heatbeat:" We are remixing a track for Ferry Corsten right now. Our remix of 'John O Callaghan Feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself' will see light in a couple of weeks. Talking about original productions, we have a 2 tracks EP of Heatbeat for the final part of the year. One of the tracks is the follow up of 'Vergatron'. Our Bobina mix (which was already picked up by Armin) is going to be released in October. And we've also been working on some solo productions. So there are new Matias Faint and Agustin Servente tracks! Our website is finally open. And we joined Most Wanted Global Agency for bookings. Besides getting booked, we also have our own parties called 'Trance XL' which are in Club Pacha, Buenos Aires. Once a month, so we are really happy with it. And that's all. :-)"

Exclusive Mix
Checkout their exclusive mix here.

More info, check their website.

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