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February 05, 2009
When USA was crying out for some serious beats, Randy Boyer was there to blast them away with his energetic mixture of trance, house and progressive.

When USA was crying out for some serious beats, Randy Boyer was there to blast them away with his energetic mixture of trance, house and progressive. After more than 15 years, Randy is still determined to learn more, produce more and enrich the scene with his tracks, radioshow, mixes and an perpetual amount of enthusiasm. With his new 'Collective Mix', he is looking back to more than 15 years of productions, determined to keep feeding the scene with his sounds. Randy: 'I will continue to do as much as I can.'

Lovin' it
This crush, this love, this passion. Randy's love for music has developed in several stages, making it grow with every new thing he found out about that little wonder called 'sound'.
Randy: 'My passion for music started as a little kid, but I really started getting into it when I was 18. I used to hang out with dj's and spin before the night started getting busy at local clubs where I lived at the time. It stemmed from that, and it just blossomed from a hobby into my life. I started producing when I wanted to make extended mixes to the songs I was playing, so I started cutting them up and making my own intro's and outro's so I could DJ with them the way I wanted to. I was one of the first dj's to spin CD's back in the days, so editing the songs and making my own remix was essential to my career. From there, I was just obsessed with editing & remixing. I had a couple friends who were writing music at the time, so I took notes from them, and just did the rest myself. I self taught myself to pretty much do everything. A lot of trial and error, piano lessons, learning curves, but once it was all figured out , around 2004, that's when I began calling myself a producer.'
And that's exactly when things started rolling for Randy. In 2004, he teamed up with fellow producer Eric Tadla, and formed the legendary EnMass. Their 'CQ' track, signed on Armin's A State of Trance label, received support all over the globe, and has grown out to be a true trance classic over the years. But also on the solo side of music, did Randy stumble across prosperity. His 'Believe in Me', 'Set it off' and recently released 'Strike Again' have lifted his status as a solo producer. Next to that, Randy's remix-skills have touched numerous big productions, such as 'INXS - Afterglow', 'Whiteroom - Someday', 'The Space Brothers - Heaven will come' and most recently 'Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - You Never Said'.

In an EDM state of mind
Being born on a continent where hiphop, R&B and pop music were, and still are, the leading music styles, isn't easy if you've fallen in love with that beat. Randy Boyer had to find a way to deal with his obvious crush for dance music. Randy: 'America was very far behind. The only way you would really hear EDM music before '97 was if you went to a 'Rave'. Around 98/99 the trance scene started to break here. A lot of afterhours clubs is what really started it. '99 was a super inspirational year for me, it introduced me to progressive trance. The epic, hands in the air, Armageddon breakdowns music was for me. During this time of afterhours and mayhem in '99-'02, I wrote some of my first songs, and I was fortunate enough to test them out at the afterhours club I played at, 'Insomnia'. The people loved them. I remember one of my first songs ever written was called 'Run Away' by Legacy (Legacy was Randy Boyer, Mike Grant & Arianna Loren). This song was the biggest song of the night. I would play it every night, it was amazing. People requested it, wanted to hear it 2-3 times a night, it was nuts. It was so big that all the resident dj's had to play it in their sets, because it was getting requested so much. We performed live one night at Insomnia and it was as packed as you could get it (1000+). The best feeling in the world is having people sing along to your song. They were singing it so loud you could barely hear Arianna singing it. This was the beginning of my work helping evolve EDM Music in Hartford Connecticut. So I would like to say I have assisted in evolving EDM music here in the US. I will continue to do as much as I can.' And so, Randy's crush on EDM turned out to be an everlasting love. One that even turned dance music into one of the major styles in the U.S.

Buzz EDM into them
Another way to get those American booties dancing, was by starting his own radioshow. The weekly, 4 hour 'Buzz Radio' has been running for more than 6 years already, being broadcasted through several states in the U.S. and all across the globe through a special, one-hour podcast, available on iTunes. A 4 hour radioshow does take a lot of work, and it makes us wonder how Randy can deal with it all, and even manages to stay innovative after more than 6 years. Randy: 'It is extremely hard. The radio show is 4 hours, and it's a lot of work. Fortunately for me I have worked it out pretty good so I can keep it fresh. The show is broken down into 4-hour segments. The first hour is pretty much commercial dance, you know the remixes of America's top hits. The second hour is called 'BUZZ ft. Rush Hour'. Now this is a unique segment I put together to keep this show extremely fresh. It features resident DJ's Markus Schulz, Darude, Kristina Sky, Matt Darey & DJ Addison. These Dj's rotate once a month with fresh mixes of the latest and greatest stuff, so it's really cool and unique having these great dj's as part of the show. Hour 3 is the BUZZ podcast hour, so I put a lot of time and effort in track selection into this. This weekly podcast is now syndicated onto 5 different online radio stations all over the world, and it can also be downloaded for Free at the i-Tunes music store. Hour 4, I usually have guest dj's from all over the world, and some local dj's as well. If I don't have that, then I throw down the last hour with some of my favorite music, old & new. This show has broken a lot of records in the U.S. It's finally getting the recognition it deserves.'

A collector's item
Randy's freshest release is the 'Collective Mix', filled with his own remixes and productions. The perfect mix for any trance fan, as it's filled with some of the best trance classics and Randy Boyer productions. Randy: 'Throughout the years I have had so many fans and friends ask me where they can get a mix of all my stuff. So when Armada and I connected, that's what I told them I wanted to do. This mix is amazing. I have had so many Armada releases in the past 5 years that I couldn't even come close to fitting them all in one mix, so I picked out my favorites and mixed them together live, no computer. The mix came out really good, and it's a great representation of me and the music I have released on Armada.' You're now able to listen to a special preview of the mix. On top of this page you'll see the media-player. Just press play and enjoy!

The future
The future's looking bright for this American producer. As we ask him what's all coming up in the near future, Randy comes up with some fresh news! Randy: ' I just recently signed my brand new album to Ultra Records, the biggest dance music label here in the US. I have been working on this album since the passing of Eric Tadla. I am really excited about this album because there are so many great songs on it. The first release is called 'No Limit' and it will be released in February with a remix by Darude. This is a track I wrote with Kristina Sky and Cari Golden. There are several tracks on the album with vocals by Cari Golden and also Dan Sanfilippo. I have put a lot of work and effort into this album, and I believe that when everyone gets to hear these tracks they will fall in love as well. This album will be out in late summer, but single releases are scheduled about 2 months apart. Also if you come see me live, you might hear a few before they come out. For all the info on the album, go check out my brand new website. There you can also find pictures of my past events, free downloads, upcoming tour dates, and my brand new forum where there is tons of information, and a great community to connect with. Also make sure to sign up for my newsletter while you're there. I have a secret page that only my newsletter subscribers can access with free remixes I have done, and live mixes from a few of my gigs. I'm really looking forward to connecting with all of you, so don't be shy, drop me an e-mail!'.

Download the full Collective Mix by Randy Boyer here:

The Collective Mix
Mixed by Randy Boyer

  1. Enmass - Avalon
  2. The Space Brothers - Heaven Will Come (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla Mix)
  3. Enmass - Needle Damage
  4. Nifra - Ready (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla Mix)
  5. Enmass - Cq 2007 (Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky Remix)
  6. Heatbeat - Paradise Garage (Randy Boyer Remix)
  7. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - You Never Said (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla Remix)
  8. Whiteroom feat. Amy Cooper - Someday (Enmass Remix)
  9. Enmass - Beyond Horizon
  10. Randy Boyer & Hydroid - Strike Again

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