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May 22, 2009
Left in captivity for almost five years, but never forgotten. Not by the party crowds, but neither by its creator. Fifteen years after its first release, the moniker of Belgian producer Mike Dierickx revamps and hits back with a new album.

Left in captivity for almost five years, but never forgotten. Not by the party crowds, but neither by its creator. Fifteen years after its first release, the moniker of Belgian producer Mike Dierickx revamps and hits back with a new album. The return of Push carries the name 'Global Age', a 2 disked revival with 19 brand new tracks. Mike has worked under more than a 100 different aliases, but he always had a week spot for Push, the guise with which he scored worldwide hits and caused some purely magic, unforgettable moments to trance lovers. 'Universal Nation', ' Strange World' and 'The Legacy' were the three phenomenal tracks that made Mike one of trance's most respected producers ever since. He kept pouring out his talent into multiple styled sounds, from techno, trance and housy stuff to electro flavours and progressive deepness. Mike wasn't afraid of a little diversity. Too many ideas eventually led to a break for the Push guise. A break that lasted 5 years, but finally broke silence in 2009. Fully loaded with all the energy, experience and new inspiration one needs to continue another 5 years at least, Push is back. And Mike couldn't be more closer to his own self. Mike:"This is the real MIKE , this is me."

The birth of Push
Mike: " The birth of PUSH goes back into 1995, when I produced music for an Antwerp based record company called 'USA Import Records'. Back in the days I was so in love with the so called Rave side of dance music. Harder beats, fast and driven, and so was the first release of PUSH actually. It was released in 1995 and was called 'Acid Hysteria'. Very acid-core influenced, later on perfectly done by the likes of Kai Tracid. Then 2 years later, in 1997 when I joined Bonzai Records, I was touched by trance coming out of Germany by Oliver Lieb, Taucher and all that other stuff from labels like Low Spirit, that I thought it was time to give Push a new twist. And I think the rest is history."

Aliases & Versatility
Mike: "Like any other alias I come up with, it's just a feeling and an adaptation to the music I make.
In previous interviews, I've always explained that it all depends on how I feel, what I produce in the studio, and at the end of the day, what I come up with. Trance, techno, house, whatever, my titles and projects are carefully chosen, it's very important for me that every project keeps its identity. I did cut down on the number of aliases. In this time and climate of the music scene, and considering the new EDM generation, it causes confusion. Back in the days it was easier to come up with a new sound or style and combine all at once. Today, it seems you need a formula to stand out, and I seriously don't like that. I stay true to what I feel and what I should do and that's making music I enjoy in clubs or even in my car, or at home. It's about being versatile."

The past hits & future ones
Mike: "It was very unexpected, 'Universal Nation' was actually a B-side of one of my 100 other aliases. Until Bonzai, my former record company, called me in the office after I first handed the demo, and they told me this could be some serious stuff. I still wonder how one track like 'Universal Nation', done in 4 hours, on a Wednesday afternoon, could ever become history in the world of trance and beyond. I remember first hearing it being played by Paul van Dyk at the Berlin Love Parade in 1998, when I saw the crowd going crazy, that was a massive feeling! After ' Universal Nation' came 'Till We Meet Again', 'Strange World', 'The Legacy', all of which managed to top the International charts, going into the Top 20 UK charts and bringing me into the Top Of The Pops show on BBC. I feel there will be a time again when I can come up with the missing link between the mainstream scene and that what people are waiting for. I always say to my friends and family, like stated in the bible, there are 7 rich years, then the next 7 years are poor, and the next 7 will go back to where it belongs. We'll see."

The real Mike & Global Age
Mike: "Push is the real MIKE , this is me. PUSH is and will always be my baby.
This project is really who I am, how I feel and how I see the world and what is next.
This new album was in my head the past 5 years, I just didn't have the time to start it off. Till November 2008, cause that's when I felt I was ready for it. After my Bonzai years it was hard to strive to a new sound and direction of which I wanted to go to. But I feel this album is right. I don't know about the reactions to it so far. I have been working with a team on promotion, along with my other productions keeping me busy, so it's difficult to catch up with reactions at the moment.
I do know that Armada is really positive about it, and that Maykel and Sander (A&R) where stunned when I showed up in the office with a full album ready to go. They know it's a legacy, and I'm not trying to bring a pop trance album, but dance music that brings a story and an adventure throughout the two cd's. This album is really me and it's just a continuation of where I stopped back in 2004 when 'Electric Eclipse' came out. There will always be criticism by those who are stuck back in time, but I want a fresh blended sound that can flow easily into what is now. And I feel more than content to let it be! And while the old-school PUSH fans can understand my music and value of it, it's also good to have gained a new generation of fans."

This Place (ft Sir Adrian)
Mike:" 'This Place' is the first on-it's-own PUSH vocal track.
In the past, I've done a collaboration with Sunscreen and thought to give it a go once again!
So I came across Adrian - a vocalist I met through Markus Schulz for a mash-up 'The Space We Are'- and contacted him, and he was instantly up for it.
He really has a great voice. People shouldn't look at this track for playing it out loud in the prime of a club night. That's why we created different mixes, of course. This is what the outlook of 'Global Age' is about, the album is so much more, and my true fans know and will hear that."

The return of PUSH Live
Mike: "There is the massive release party for 'Global Age' coming up in Ministry Of Sound for The Gallery Night on the 26th of June, with a 45 min full PUSH Live experience. Then a special 45 min show case in Belgium at Tomorrowland - end of July. There are 6 other shows planned, in Europe and my first ever PUSH Live performance in the United States, in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami and more. And for more exclusive news, the new upcoming single will be released along with the album in June and will be called 'Infinite'. And trust me, this is PUSH in full effect, pure trance club food.
Free PUSH tracks are scheduled for this summer, that's right...just check out MIKE.BE once and a while! And for now, I'm off to my new studio again, working on some remixes and the new PUSH single for June...see ya!"

For more info on Mike/Push, check his official website.

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Universal Nation, Push Live @ Trance Energy 2001

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