Artist of the Week: Paul Webster

April 23, 2009
A rough, tough sound shatters through the clubs.

A rough, tough sound shatters through the clubs. Rushing, crushing and stumbling into the masses of dance lovers. Characteristically Paul Webster's style, this might just be an accurate description of his 'Cut Off', 'Corruption' or fresh Captivating release 'Istanbul'. This young Irish lad has crushed and landed himself into the scene with plenty of beats left to fill silence.
Belt drivenTo Irishman Paul Webster, music really started to come alive in 1998. Inspired by Judge Jules' radioshow, he started to indulge himself into the world called EDM more and more. Paul: " Back in 1998 that would be, that's when I got my first set of turntables. They were belt driven decks! I used to listen to Judge Jules every week on bbc radio 1,I used to love listening to his show and then checking the tracklisting and try hunt down the tracks he played. Though most of the time it took months to get hold of them as back then everything was vinyl, Jules definitely got me into dance music. His show was legendary and still is." It was exactly that radioshow and Mr. Jules that helped Paul along the way. His first solid production, 'Corruption' put Paul on the map. Paul: "Corruption is definitely the track that broke me. Jules hammered it for months on radio 1 and that gave the track so much exposure, this then led to Armada signing it. It went on to be supported by all the big guns and Eddie Halliwell also included it on the massive Cream Ibiza cd in 2007. I still get asked to play it in my sets a good lot of the time and still to this day. It wrecks the place!"
2007 to 2008'Corruption' was picked up by Armada Music and paved the way to more name branding for Paul, both as a producer and DJ. Gigs across the globe, including a very special one in Poland on the massive En-trance event, inspired him to produce the good stuff. One of them was his praised remix of trance classic 'Ayla - Ayla', as the official intro for En-trance. Paul:"'Ayla' was one of my all time favourites. It was made only as an intro for a massive event called En-trance in Poland that I was playing at, back in March 2008, to start my set off with. But the amount of emails I received following this event was crazy and it turned to be one of my biggest tracks of the year in 2008."
Nailz feelAs explained in the lead intro, there's not much you can do to not hear Paul's sound. His pulsating techy trance is not something to ignore. In fact, it's more than willing to take you over completely. Paul: " I'd describe my own sound as pure driving, tech trance, but from time to time I experiment with the more hands-in-the-air type of uplifting trance but always keep that 'nailz' feel to it." His sound is also more than welcome in Ireland, where he holds two residencies. Maybe it's not the first country you'd name as a the place to be, but to Paul it's all good. Paul: "I think the Irish clubbing scene in general is still very healthy. Some of the smaller events have suffered and faded off but there's still a massive amount of huge gigs each week and plenty to keep all the clubbers happy. I think it's like that all around the world at the moment, not just Ireland."
Istanbul'Let the games begin', is surely what Paul must have thought when producing his new track 'Istanbul'. We first thought he was just a very big fan of Turkish tea, but no such thing. This Irish bloke made an ode to his favourite soccer team. Paul:"'Istanbul' is the follow up to one of my biggest track's to date 'Cut Off'. It covers the same tough beats and explodes with a tech-trance melody right after the break. I named it Istanbul cause I'm a massive Liverpool FC supporter and Istanbul was where we won the European cup for the 5th time. Reactions to it have being amazing so far, so fingers crossed it does well for me." It sure does. With 'Istanbul', Paul is right on top of his game.
See where Paul gets toWe're pretty sure Paul will be doing fine in the future. Things are looking up, with new stuff in the pipeline and plenty of inspiration for more to come. Paul:"'Istanbul' is due out on April 27th with a monster remix from Fred Baker. Following on from that is one that I'm really excited about, which should drop midsummer on Captivating. It's called 'The Wolf', a dark tech trancer but still really uplifting. Reactions have being amazing so far and some people are already suggesting it's going to be tune of the summer (fingers crossed!). I've also just finished the b-side to it, called 'Vibrations'. I'm also about to start working on my first vocal track. I've just got a huge vocalist on board so I'm really excited about getting this done. Expect to hear me road testing this in the summer months. I've put my artist album back till tail end of the year so hopefully it should surface early 2010. No real goals as such, just keep doing what I'm doing and pushing the name and sound of Paul Webster and see where I get to."

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