Artist of the week: Myon & Shane 54

September 17, 2009
It's been a mere 2 years since Elod and Mario transformed into the acclaimed artists they are today. Not only did the number of releases rise, but the remix-requests, gigs and fans as well.

Sleepless nights for Hungarian duo Myon & Shane 54. It's been a mere 2 years since Elod and Mario transformed into the acclaimed artists they are today. Not only did the number of releases rise, but the remix-requests, gigs and fans as well. It all started with 'Not A Lot Left', to be followed by 'Vampire', 'All Night Rock And Roll' and remixes for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Andy Moor and Roger Shah. Yes, these Hungarian youngsters were and are on top of their game. A busy schedule is daily reality to these two talents. But let's look at the bright side: Myon & Shane 54 don't sleep on dreams, they live them! Time to see what those dreams are all about.

'Armin told us we're on fire, I'm sure he was right. We truly are!' It's been a while since we've asked, so here it goes: Are Myon & Shane 54 still on fire?
Myon & Shane 54: "Well, yeah... since the last time a lot of things have changed. We launched our podcast, 'International Departures', which started to get a massive following. We've made quite a lot of remixes, and some new tunes have been released as well. We really feel the progress, and it gives us a lot of stamina to keep on doing what we do. We're working on our own reality TV show (based mainly on our international gigs), which will be part of the podcast. If all goes well, we can put the first episode online this week. It is a big task, editing involves many sleepless nights, but only in a good way. We really enjoy this part too."

"We're always working on something, the geeky-type of guys, who relentlessly search for the ultimate sound." The Myon & Shane 54 story began with 'Not A Lot Left', 'Vampire' and several top notch remixes. Has the M&S sound changed/evolved in the meanwhile?
Myon & Shane 54:"We got so many unfinished tracks / remixes or demos that we can hardly keep up, but at least we still always have something to do. There's a few new projects we're working on and those are pretty far from the usual MS54 sound. You won't really be able to tell we've made those songs. Being Myon & Shane 54 is great, but we have to explore other musical landscapes too."
"We started to get quite a lot of international bookings like in Asia, Holland, Russia, so it seems we have to travel more and more, which is a good thing. It gives you a lot of inspiration.' What about the gigs, are you still dj'ing on a regular base? Any specific highlights? Myon & Shane 54: "At the ASOT 400 party in Germany, Armin said to us: "After this gig, you'll get a lot of bookings for sure" - he was absolutely right (again). These days, we travel almost on a weekly basis, play in countries we've never been before, and it's very surprising to experience the love for our music - literally - on the other sides of the world. It's one thing to get comments, and shout-out requests for the radio show from places like Brazil or Indonesia, but actually going there, and seeing the crowd go mad for what we do, is what really fires us up. Those experiences give us much more inspiration one would imagine. It's so hard to pick one particular highlight, but our TV show will feature loads of things, since we film basically everything that happens to us. This is why it's Reality TV we think. Can't wait to unleash it to the public... "

"We simply found out about this weird musical bond, which makes a huge difference in every aspect of music making, includes our dj'ing.' You guys have joined forces about 2/3 years back. Is the musical chemistry still there and working?
Myon & Shane 54:"As a 'band' we're still not 2 years old, and still having a wonderful time making music together. Very inspiring to get real results, and some sort of recognition. Everywhere we go, a lot of people seem to know what we do, and for us it's still hard not to be surprised by this. Of course the expectations are getting bigger and bigger, but hey, we'll be the last persons to complain about having to work hard for all this. We feel very lucky for being able to do what we love."

"Seems we challenge and inspire each other at the same time, and here lies our secret I think.' Any special challenges you guys plan to face?
Myon & Shane 54:"A new single is always a challenge. Coming up with a song that satisfies our quality control is always tough, sometimes it takes months to finish a track. (we've seen that with our last couple of songs) Remixing is easier, since the core of the song is already there, the rest is mostly finding the right direction, and executing the vision we have. Making music is never easy, even though we might seem to pour tracks out of our studio, we always put a lot of effort in them. The real challenge lies in making something that excites us."

"There's one song, 'Helpless' which we did with LA-based songstress Aruna. Now that's one we're really proud about." 'Helpless' is out now. Can you tell us a bit about it?
Myon & Shane 54:"Aruna is a great songwriter, in a classic sense. She sits down with a piano, writes amazing songs, and we're still not talking about the voice! With her we found the perfect companion, and even though we've never met personally so far (this will change in 2 weeks, when we get to Los Angeles to perform with her live at Circus) we can function pretty well. 'Helpless' was originally going to be a remix for someone big name (we won't reveal who), but we liked it so much, in the middle of the remix sessions we decided to throw away the provided parts, and make it to our own song. Aruna wrote the vocals pretty fast, and we've had our next single in our hands. Finalizing it was another matter though, it took a good few weeks to arrange / mix it, and due to Armin's ASOT 2009, we weren't able to play it for a long, long time to keep it exclusive and unknown. That was hard not do..."

"We're far from stopping." What else is coming up in the near future?
Myon & Shane 54:"Gigs, gigs, and more gigs all around the globe. Besides traveling a few finished songs are already in our pockets, and much more songs are in the making as well. 'Velvetine', our new project with Aruna is also shaping nicely, the first song of the formation is already signed / to be released on October 5th. We live a great period in our life, and we're very thankful for it. The best part is that we only have to keep on making records, and that's what we're going to do."

More info on Myon & Shane 54, check their website.

Check their new video blog, 'International Departures' on their trip to Brazil, here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

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