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May 06, 2009
His name has been lingering around, ever since the first beats of 'Shana' shattered across the scene.

His name has been lingering around, ever since the first beats of 'Shana' shattered across the scene. His genuine mixture of productive sounds doesn't fit one label. But there is a label that does suffice his blend of deep prog, melodic trance and sturdy techno influences: Coldharbour. With the fifth release, Mr. Pit's new EP package, coming up on May 11th, we're safe to say that DJ/Producer Adrian Ivan feels right at home there. But to Adrian, it's more than just producing some good stuff. This Romanian gentleman is more than passionate about making his contribution to the EDM scene. Whatever good comes out of his hands, has to be shared with the world. Adrian: " Each song I write follows the feelings I want to share with audience."
Get into itAdrian: "It all started when I was a little child. My parents were listening to different genres of music at the time, so I could say that I had been in contact with music since my existence on Earth. The direct connection with electronic music was made in the 90's when it began to be intensely media promoted which aroused and developed my interest in production."It was 1996 when Adrian started producing. It didn't take long before 'Mr. Pit', his nickname as a kid, was born and adopted as his official guise. Adrian: "When I was a kid, there were many colleagues with the same surname in the classroom. Adrian is a fairly popular name in Romania, so colleagues nicknamed me 'Pit'. it's been a long time since then so I can't remember exactly how everything came up." Either way, it was the dance movement and strong determination that put Adrian's career in motion. Adrian:" I started to practice my skills as a producer since 1996, without thinking about what the future might bring. In my opinion, since 2000 the EDM scene has grown up miraculously fast. It was then that I realized that I had to work harder in music production, therefore I started to acquire studio equipment, so I could explore music in a deeper state. As I was not a signed artist at that time I tried to self promote my music through several appearances on radio stations and electronic music events in Romania, performing my music as a live act. Real confidence in my own productions came in 2006, the year when I felt like 'it's time' and I managed to sign a certain part of my music to different labels."
Discover new horizons The first releases were a fact. It was 2006, and Adrian had been spinning as the 'Mr. Pit' live-act for several years already. If you're about to see Adrian spin, don't expect an average type of DJ set. You better be into some experimental stuff and surprises. Adrian:"It's difficult to define the style I play in. Actually I think there's a little bit of every dance style in there. Usually I choose the proper tracks, depending of the mood. I love both dark, techy energetic tracks with bouncy rhythm and soft songs with a huge melody. In my live DJ sets I use 90% exclusive tracks/edits, and it's amazing to see the audience being surprised by a new track, mash-up or an edit, I love that." On the production side, diversity is also a thing Adrian favors. 'Don't Like', 'Ear Filter' and 'Dancing Through The Space' were some of the first titles he released under this alias. It was 2007 that he also started pouring out sounds under his normal name, Adrian Ivan. In the past 4 years, Adrian's sound has been swiftly changing and developing, eventually leading to the beloved Mr. Pit sound we know him from today. Adrian:" It's about trying to realize ideas and to discover new horizons in electronic music as any other enthusiast. When I start a new music project the main goal I'm aiming for is to achieve a good production, thinking that what matters is not genre, but the overall result. Over the years I tried approaching different techniques and sounds, until I discovered my own way in production. I've also learned how to develop simple ideas and put them into music. Whether progressive trance, progressive house or any other genre, each song has its own role in my discography."
A Coldharbour fan2008 was a year of big importance to Adrian's music career. And there was one guy in particular that played a big part in the further development of it. It was Coldharbour label owner Markus Schulz that welcomed Mr. Pit to the Armada Music family. An honour that doesn't fall in the hands of just anyone. Adrian: "It was simply unexpected. I sent a few demo songs and Markus was delighted about them. He also considered the tracks sufficiently strong enough to be released on his exclusive label. As Coldharbour Recordings identifies perfectly with what I want to transmit through music, Markus frequently supported my tracks and that helped me a lot. Being in touch with him, urged me to go beyond my limits and to improve my productions. So it's safe to say it has been beneficial to my career." It was the lovely progressive trancer 'Shana' that caused a stir and put Mr. Pit on the map. Adrian: "I would definitely say my breakthrough track is 'Shana'. It received great support by both DJ's and the audience. The impact was so amazing, every time I played the track in my gigs the people went crazy. It also reached 'global selection' in Markus's GDJB, winner of Corsten Countdown and it has been chosen on many cd compilations, so I'm happy with that." Around the same time, Adrian was pouring out his 'Adrian Ivan' sound as well. The difference between that alias and Mr. Pit? The love for Coldharbour. Adrian:"Well, I realized that 'Mr.Pit' music, which has a little bit of everything, belongs to Coldharbour sound. Everything produced under 'Adrian Ivan' fits with other labels' styles. Nevertheless it doesn't matter which nickname I use, each song I write follows the feelings I want to share with audience." He communicated with the audience through 'More Manners Please', 'Superstition' and the beautiful vocal track 'Back For More', besides numerous heavy-weight remixes.
Developing EDMWhen it comes to being involved with music, in all its forms, Adrian is front row seated. Adrian:"Music is certainly the main activity in my life. Besides working in the studio on personal productions and dj'ing, which I've carried out since 2007, Well Mixed Records occupies a large part of my time. We are trying to promote the music we love and usually release progressive and uplifting trance. We're proud to contribute on the development of international electronic music. That's the main objective, to contribute directly to the development of the EDM scene through my songs. As a DJ it's fascinating to meet new friends, people who enjoy who you are and what you do. When you find this, you feel that your mission as a DJ is accomplished. I certainly have future plans and one of my goals I'm aiming for is my first artist album."With Romania as his work base, Adrian is set to develop himself as a fully-fledged artist, with the only direction being 'up'. Even though things in the Romanian trance scene haven't started rolling until a few years back, Mr. Pit is right where he wants to be. Adrian:"If you refer to the dance scene in general I can say that it's been very good for a long time already. As long as the most known artists agenda looks like including events in Romania, that is a good sign. However, in Trance, things have been growing over the past years. Due to new information technologies, every information related to EDM can now be easily accessed by the people, using MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. Anyone on the planet can share his music and thoughts, promote events or book artists. So yes, I guess the things are going positively well in our country."
Vanguard / The CubeMr. Pit's freshest release at Armada, is the melodic proggy EP 'Vanguard/ The Cube'. Adrian: "I am very happy about it. This is the 3rd EP and also my 5th release on Coldharbour. The tracks have a shade apart. My aspiration for 'The Cube' is a song specially dedicated to people enjoying music in the club. With 'Vanguard' I tried to achieve something new with more musicality than rhythm. Producing this EP, I wanted to strengthen the distinct spirit of the Coldharbour sound. The feedback has been excellent so far, so I feel flattered." Other than these two beat beauties, there's plenty of other good stuff coming up in the upcoming months. Adrian:" One of the highlights for me this year is the new track 'Besides Words' which was already featured on the Toronto '09 compilation. In the near future my remix on 'George Acosta feat Truth - Someone' and a new collaboration with Jochen Miler will be out soon. I also have some tracks in progress with Vicky Fee, and I'm very proud of this vocal project, her voice is just 'wow'." As you can see, we surely won't be running out of new Mr. Pit input soon.
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