Artist of the Week: John Shelvin

September 03, 2009
With the Spanish temperament flowing through his veins and the passion for music awakening his senses since the age of 15, it didn't take long before John Shelvin's sounds would be blasting through the many speakers of this world.

With the Spanish temperament flowing through his veins and the passion for music awakening his senses since the age of 15, it didn't take long before John Shelvin's sounds would be blasting through the many speakers of this world. Groove-fanatics need to look no further, cause John has landed himself as a toreador of the Spanish house movement. His tracks swing from contagious and deep, outstanding and original to moving and inflaming. He's got the right touch, and knows how to use it.'Just Like You Said' has just been making red hot waves across the house scene, and there's plenty more coming up. The first few goodies have already found their way out on the Electronic Elements label. 'Petite Comitè' and 'Black Moon' will get you into its beat like a bull on the red cloth.
Life is like a box of vinylA young John was indulged with the many soundscapes of the early electronic side of music. It was the DJ side of it that he faced and conquered first. John:"This is a really obvious answer but true, when I was 15 a friend of mine had some decks and I went with him to buy records. I left the shop with a box of vinyl and my mind was made up that EDM was my future." Soon enough, John would have the right skills to make it down the clubs, build a reputation and take the next step. Producing. John:" I had a few residencies in Madrid for around 3 years. I decided to stop and commit myself 100% to production. A really drastic step but I had so much to learn and I think this is the only way if you really want to produce your own music."This drastic step was typically John. A determined mind and an overriding passion for music was all he needed to follow this path. John:"When I was growing up music was always a big influence, but that day in the record shop was a real revelation. Producing records was the next big step and a chance to find what was really inside my head."

Something you loveThe foundations of his master plan were build. All he needed was to fulfill another one of his dreams: to start his own record label. In 2005, Shelvin Records was a fact. John:"It was the next step in my progression as an artist. I wanted a home for all my productions. I really enjoy having Shelvin Records and also releasing on other labels has been a new and enjoyable experience as well." His first track on the label, 'Temptation', unleashed a slew of new proggy house tracks. Letting go of any tension or insecurity, it was clear John was following his dream. John:"It was a great feeling to release that first track on the label in 2005. It was like it was never going to happen because there was so much to do. It was such a happy moment for me because it was the start of my dream turning into reality." It did take some sacrifices to get this far though. John:"With the time spent on the label and in the Studio I really sacrificed my career as a DJ. This is something I would like to get back on track from September. When you work on something you love you find time whenever you can."
Ibiza pride & influencesWhile the UK and Holland may be the leading EDM countries in Europe, Spain sure doesn't fall behind. And considering Spain's got the warm climate, good wine and the beautiful island of Ibiza, it's that bad a country to live in. John:"There is a real buzz in Spain at the moment. We have a huge amount of producers from all styles producing incredible music. Ibiza has to be what we have got which no other country has, for such a small island the influence on EDM has been huge."The Spanish influence is reflected in the warm sound of John's productions. It's hard to label his tracks and that's exactly how he wants it to be. John:"I have never liked to label myself and I think this shows in the music I produce. I am influenced by all music, which my productions are an output for. I am always trying to develop my sound and if the track is good it really does not matter what style it is. "
Just Like You Said A few weeks back, the Armada office awoke from its morning sleep by a catchy house tune, with a recognisable voice. It was John's 'Just Like You Said' that captured attention from the very first play. This one is going to be big. And indeed, as soon as it came out the DJ support flooded in. Sander Kleinenberg, Tocadisco, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Tom Novy, to name a few. John established himself as an upfront name. With a little help by Molly, of course. John:"This is a true MySpace story. I was a big fan of Molly after 'Tracking Treasure Down' by Gabriel and Dresden. I had a guide track for a vocal and she had the perfect voice. I sent her a MySpace message and was surprised to meet a really nice person and a true professional. Thanks again Molly, you're a real star." And so John found out that success is sometimes only a MySpace message away.
Petite Comitè + Black MoonJohn's next soul-sounds have just been released. 'Petite Comitè' and 'Black Moon', out on the Electronic Elements are yet another two examples of melodic deep-house with the Shelvin touch. And how very sweet, they're an ode the Electronic Elements label. John:"Two tracks made for the main rooms and influenced by the Electronic Elements sound. I would say they are a kind of tribute to you guys."
A few more surprises are coming up, as John won't only be releasing another bomb on the State Recordings label, but will also get back to dj'ing. John:"I am working on my follow-up for 'Just Like You Said' at the moment and I have a new release on State Recordings very soon. Also with what is left of the year I would like to build up my gig calendar once again, so I hope to see you all at a club near very soon."

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