Artist of the Week: Genix

April 28, 2009
UK producer/DJ Damion Houchen, guising under Genix or GNX, might best be described as a forward striving force.

UK producer/DJ Damion Houchen, guising under Genix or GNX, might best be described as a forward striving force. Official Guinness World Record holder of the longest DJ set ever, resident and promoter of superclub Passion, creator of numerous imaginative remixes and cracking productions, but most of all an experimenter with different styles. This young mind doesn't let himself be distracted by what others think. Holding on to his talent and following his own way have made him an essential player in the world called EDM. Genix has all right to stick to his pure self. Genix:"I just make sounds that I personally like and I don't care too much if other people don't like it! It reflects me!"
A sound & mind of his ownThe first thing to notice when talking to Genix, is how persistent he is. It took him a few years before he found his true, characteristic sound, but now that he's got it, he sure as hell knows how to handle it. Genix: "I started producing about 7 years ago maybe. But only the last few years I have developed my own sound. For a long time I found myself trying to force out certain sounds and make tunes for certain DJ's to play and sign. It wasn't working and I didn't enjoy it. So I just make sounds that I personally like and I don't care too much if other people don't like it! It reflects me! And I think this approach brings out the best in producers. All the big producers have their own sound and it's hugely important." It sure is. Genix' style is one hard to define, but still recognizably his. Another special thing about this talent, is that he doesn't intend his productions to be shaped to that EDM. Genix:"I don't think I fell in love with EDM at all. I don't aim my music to be in this style, or in fact any style! It's just what I like and what comes out of my head when writing tracks." Coincidentally, everything happens to be EDM in the end, but he sure doesn't limit his sound-sketches to one possibility.
Another dimensionFrom 'Piranha' and 'San Rafael' to his freshest Soundpiercing addition 'Copius Cain', it's all got that typical Genix speaker lovin' effect. A groovy, melodic sound that doesn't let itself be pigeonholed. Genix:"I like to base my work around the groove of a track. And then work with some melodies. So I would say catchy percussion and big basslines, with some trance, techno and electro elements! Just purely experimental music! There are no rules in writing music, so it's good to play around." Same goes for his remixes. We're pretty sure you all remember his smashing remix of Markus Schulz' 'Fly To Colours' or Peter Gelderblom/Red Hot Chili Peppers' 'Waiting 4'. And he's been doing a whole lot more of them. Genix:"I prefer writing original music to doing remixes, but I always like to make a remix that sounds completely different from the original, but with my own sound to it. There are so many remixes that sound the same as the originals, what's the point in that? I think it's best to be different and bring another dimension to someone's work."
The longest 84 hours of his lifeIt has to be said: hands down to anyone that manages to stay awake for 84 hours, but even more hands down for the one that managed to DJ during those horrible 5040 minutes, or 302400 seconds. It was 2005 that the maddening idea to attempt break the Guinness World Record for longest DJ set became reality. For exactly 84 hours, Genix fought against sleep and struggled with the effects a regular insomniac suffers from, hallucinations included. He nailed it, but it sure wasn't the average DJ set. Genix: "I did this simply for a few reasons: exposure'_and just the challenge! It was the hardest thing I have ever done, mentally and physically. There were so many points where I nearly fell asleep, it was horrible! But I battled on and didn't let it beat me. It was such an honour to be published in that famous book!" Persistency in its purest form, if you ask us. But what about pride? About 9 months later his fellow countryman DJ Promo beat his record with a 87 hour set. And many more followed. Would Genix attempt to break it again? Genix:"No way! It was a horrible experience! And I'm so glad that I achieved something great, but never again." Genix prefers to actually head off to bed after a long night, and we can't blame him for it.

The passion for PassionIn the past few years, Genix has build up a solid DJ career, playing everywhere across the UK, China, Russia, Europe and even touched ground on Ibiza with a smashing set at Judgement's Sunday. It all went quite fast for this youngster. So fast, that he grew out to be the official resident for UK's Club Passion, of which he's also the promoter nowadays. You could say Genix has been very lucky. Genix:"I thinks it's down to my growing profile and the fact that people want to hear my sound more as I have written some popular tracks. I run the promotions side of things at Passion now too. It's a great job and have the pleasure to work with the biggest DJ's in the world." When it comes to back-up plans in case Genix doesn't work out to be the 'big guy' he wants to be, he's safe as he is now. No back-up plans there. Genix: "Nope! I'm working in club promotions. I'm a DJ and music producer, so I earn money from different areas. I don't plan it to not work out, but I'm 100% focused on my career."
Copius CainWith the full focus on his career, determination and plenty of talents in stores, Genix is set and ready for his first solo production release at Armada, under the GNX moniker. 'Copius Cain' is the driven, tough trancer with a playful, progressive attitude on top, to shift his career to the next gear. Genix:" 'Copius Cain' will be released under my new alias 'GNX'. People will know it's me because it has my style plastered all over it. There are two mixes with this one, an original which is more minimal trance sounding and a re-rub which has a similar bassline to my Peter Gelderblom and 'Markus Schulz - Fly To Colors' Remix. It has an old-school style breakdown and it works really well in the clubs! Been playing it for a few months now!" When it comes to the near future, there's plenty of good stuff ahead. Genix:"Lots going on with my DJ career now. And I've got some other cool remixes on the way!" Genix will conquer the world, step by step and set by set.
More info, check Genix' website.

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