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September 24, 2008
Combine oldskool beats and juicy melodies with a huge passion for music and a career that spans over 15 years and Remy is what you get.

Combine oldskool beats and juicy melodies with a huge passion for music and a career that spans over 15 years and Remy is what you get. Remy Unger, born and living in The Hague, is considered to be one of the pioneers in house and has been going strong ever since he made a change of career and completely fell for the music. A decision he has never regretted making.

A serious crush
A lot has happened to and a lot of work has been done by Remy in the past 15 years. To be able to understand Remy's status as one of the long-lasting DJ's and producers in the scene, it's important to know where it all began. For Remy, it all started in the summer of 1990. After discovering house, with its thumping base and fusion of high, medium and low frequencies, Remy was struck by a heavy love-at-first-sight-crush, resulting in the purchase of his own DJ set after that summer. By practicing hard and learning fast, Remy gained residency at all Silly Symphonies events in Holland. Legendary Amsterdam based club RoXY recognized his talent and introduced Remy to a larger crowd, which made him one of the most popular DJ's of that time. But it didn't stop there. Actually, it never stopped. Remy started playing all around the globe, from John Digweed's Bedrock nights in London to the famous Twilo nights in New York and has been rocking almost every famous club and festival ever since.

Love is the key
But his dj'ing career wasn't the only success life had in stores for him. He has launched a slew of record labels such as Wonka, Area Code 070, Taste Recordings and of course 68 Recordings, the successful imprint at Armada, which is now the only label he is taking care of.
Remy: '68 Recordings is doing great. We have a lot of great releases coming up from guys like Eelke Kleijn & Francesco Pico, David Forbes, Ruben de Ronde and myself.'
Remy released a respectable amount of tracks over the past years, from his recent 'Mexico can wait' team up with producing mate Roland Klinkenberg in 2007 to his older 'Mess with the Bull' back in 1999. His records have been travelling from one set and radioshow to another, in various EDM styles. Cause one thing's obvious: Remy has a diverse taste in music. From tech-house to techno, progressive all the way back to uplifting trance. The most important factor for Remy is the energy. He just doesn't like being stuck into one certain style. Remy: 'The real challenge is to play for a certain type of crowd, be it techno or progressive and have them enjoying a different sound without realizing the style of music has changed.' The crowd is certainly loving it. Remy's key to success is easy: 'Just keep on doing what I really love to do and hope the people will like it as much as I do.'

The difference
A lot has changed since the early days of house, but that surely doesn't demotivate Remy from keeping up with the new generation. It does take a lot less trouble to produce a track nowadays. Remy: 'The biggest difference is that, in the beginning, you needed an expensive studio to make a track, while nowadays you only need a good computer and, of course, a big dose of talent.'

Father & son
Remy hasn't only been treated on a prosperous musical career, but also had the fortune to become a father. But the important role as a father didn't stop Remy from doing gigs and working in the studio. Remy: 'I think it's great for my career, it gives me more energy and inspiration. Of course it can be a little distracting sometimes, but that's no problem at all.'
Out on the 29th of September on 68 Recordings is 'Mano'/'Inflate', two solid tracks with the Remy sound written all over. And guess who was the main inspiration for these beauties ? No one less than his own son! Remy: 'Mano is a track called after my son and has a little bit of an oldschool feeling to it. It's also featured on my Armada @ Ibiza 2008 compilation. The original versions of both tracks are almost one and a half year old, I just gave them a new 'touch' after having a bit of a break from studio work.' As you can see, it really does take love, some equipment and talent to create something beautiful.

The Hague pride
One thing you probably didn't knew about Remy, is that the guy is a big fan of the The Hague soccer club. Remy explains: 'I am a fanatic fan of my home town soccer club, ADO Den Haag. If I'm in Holland and my schedule allows it I visit all their games, both at home and away. Most of the time it can be a bit of a torture to watch them, but at the moment we are actually in first place of the highest league!' It's obvious, Remy isn't just in love with music, but also has a serious crush on a good game of soccer. Whether it's about soccer, music or his son, Remy does it all with an intense passion.

In the mix
To warm you up for Remy's Mano/Inflate release, he has now made a special half an hour mix for you to enjoy.

Listen to it here:
Exclusive Mix (September 2008)

Out now:

Mano / Inflate
DJ Remy
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Armada at Ibiza 2008
Mixed & Compiled by DJ Remy
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Upcoming dates:
Sep 26: Extrema Future Funk - Ibiza, Spain
Oct 04: Chemistry, The Effenaar - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Oct 22: Armada Night ADE, Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 25: Ininitize Bas, Fenix - Sittard, The Netherlands
Nov 01: Bibelot - Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Nov 05: Asia Tour
Nov 22: Fabulous, Brabanthallen, Den Bosch - The Netherlands

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  2. DJ Remy - Mano / Inflate

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