Artist of the week: Da'Others

October 29, 2009
With 'Viva La Vida' and 'Flight 887', Colombian producers Armando Velasquez and Andrea Saenz brought a different sound to the masses.

They're nothing like the rest. Neither are their sounds. With 'Viva La Vida' and 'Flight 887', Colombian producers Armando Velasquez and Andrea Saenz brought a different sound to the masses. Riding high above the minimalistic techno sounds and flirting round with house and electro-ish progressive, Armando and Andrea deliver us Da'Others. Open to new styles, interpretations and options, these youngsters work hard to build themselves a clear path to success. And be sure, their goals are high. "Someday we can end up in the list of the top 100 best DJ/producers of the world and that's why we are working harder every time.."

We Are Connected
Armando:"Our love for electronic music was generated by influences like rock and jazz. We are talking about approximately 2000 or 2001. Back then, we were only part of the crowd at big events in Colombia. After that, we started taking DJ lessons and ended up playing in underground clubs. I'd like to say our love for EDM grew more in time." Like a short crush growing out to a deep, warm relationship, the guys fell for the electronic beats that turn the sound waves into body movement. The dancefloor beckoned, and being part of the party crowd themselves, the guys picked up on dj'ing and found each other through common interests. Andrea:"Armando and I know each other for about 10 years, we used to share our musical tastes. This was the first step for the perfect balance, the chemistry and the common things when we were at the studio. We took the decision to start dj'ing when we finished our lessons. After that, we didn't only try to play out as DJ's, but also come up with our own tracks. Da'Others are always looking for more and more. " And to be sure your productions are more than 'just a good tune', there's got to be a bond. A musical chemistry, floating around in the studio while creating. Luckily, the vibe in the Da'Others studio is more than fine. Armando:"Producing together in the long run can be a great virtue if you've got a great connection with your partner. We know each other and each other's capacities very well and know that always helps to make things less stressy and be successful. With these facts we can say that step by step we are connected."

A Serious Job
That connection became a little bigger and left the studio under the name of 'Flight 887'. Snatched up by Armada's Pilot 6 label, it wouldn't take very long before the rest of the world would be introduced to Da'Others. Followed by the success of 'Viva La Vida!', they landed themselves as two promising talents, with a strong future ahead. Andrea:"When we were in the studio working on 'Flight 887' we expected it to be a big track, but the surprise was that Armada sign it. We could not believe it. Since it was signed to Armada we were certain that this would have to work. It's the sum of the number 1 record-company plus a strong track, and 'Viva La Vida' was our celebration of this open door in the electronic world." To Da'Others, Armada offered them a chance of a lifetime. Armando:"I think we have come so far in the world of producing because of team work, two heads are better than one. Second, the support from Armada and their stuff. Since the beginning they have been there like a family, let's say like a bond. We are very sure that thanks to Armada we are accomplishing big things, also because of this bond. We take this job serious as producers every day." Speaking of jobs, do these youngsters produce fulltime, or is their daily life divided into dayjobs and late night studio-sessions? Andrea:" Like everyone else we have work and personal projects. Music is the one thing that encompasses the two ways and therefore most of our lives revolve around her. Recently we opened our own school in Colombia and we have projects to mount an event production company. As you can see everything is going hand in hand with music."

The touch of Da'Others
Andrea:"Da'Others was an idea to make a difference in our country, as the major producers of my nation are influenced by sounds very tropical, latin and others. We were always influenced by the European sound and all its tendencies. This has always made the difference in our country. There are sounds more classic in our productions, that gives it the touch of Da'Others." That touch can't only be found in the way these guys blend different genres, and cross the borders of dance music, but also in the way they see other opinions. It's one thing to be open minded, but it's another to let the crowd think outside the box. Armando:"We started with techno for many years, when the genre was stronger across the globe. Then after a few years of research in such sounds we started doing experiments with progressive, trance, minimal and other styles. We also began to find our identity and we understand where our better sound lies. I don't think any DJ can find his/her identity until they've really explored electronic sounds, as each reveals an inner being. This counts for both music lovers and DJ's."

The sound of culture
No wonder it's hard for these guys to describe their own sound. Andrea:"I cannot describe our sound because as I said each individual interpretation describes differently. But we can say that our music has the clear intention of creating spaces full of happiness, fresh sounds, and we try to involve the public in each beat." Same goes for the guys' DJ work, as they try to put the crowd into a frenzy with their fresh mix of house, progressive and techno influences. Not always an easy task though, living in Colombia. "Being a DJ works very well for us, despite of our country missing a lot of culture in electronic music in comparison to Europe, North America, etc.", Andrea explains. "We are one of the biggest images that Colombia and Latino America have in the electronic media right now."

Spaghetti With Bumblebees
This week, the follow up to 'Viva La Vida' and 'Flight 887' was released on the Pilot 6 imprint. 'Spaghetti With Bumblebees' sounds exactly like the names tells you: a bit different. Different, but good. Andrea:" 'Spaghetti with Bumblebees' is where we put a bit of our latin swing into. It's full of groove. As you notice you know that our sounds are more underground, we use our groove more deep. But in this track we liked to make it with all the energy on it. The name's a bit strange, a lot of people would ask why the hell we would eat 'spaghetti with bumblebees'?. We seriously don't know, but we can say that it makes you dance non-stop!"

Well, what more do you need? Right, a follow-up to this tune in the pipeline, to be sure we don't miss out on anything new by these guys. Luckily, it looks like there's plenty in stores for us. Especially with an attitude like this. Andrea:" We can tell that Da'Others is constantly evolving their sound. Always being the first to create new things. And I don't know, but I do hope and think that some day we'll up in the list of the top 100 best DJ/producers of the world and that's why we are working harder every time.." Like we said, Da'Others are trying to take the world, step by step.

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