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June 18, 2009
Claudio Pellissero didn't fully intend to end up in the dance scene.

Claudio Pellissero didn't fully intend to end up in the dance scene. However, it took him only one track to cause a true rage. 'Cygnes', in collaboration with Mr. Sam, was the track that saw millions of A State of Trance lovers turn up their volume knob just a tad. Impacting via albums, radio shows and maddening the dancefloors, the track had more than just a special something to it. Odd but contagious vocals, details and tricky surprises all over, sweeping synths and of course: the ever-going, thumping bass. Yes, clAud9 made quite the entrance. A few months later, there's a follow-up. 'Rain' is another something special and does the same, out-of-the ordinary trick. But there's so much more to clAud9 than meets the ear. Whatever comes out of his hat, it's pure magic. Both visually and audio wise. Time to find out some more about this Italian magician.
Music & TelevisionClaudio: "It all happened about 15 years ago, when I bought my first sampler and synths and started making my first compositions and experiments. After a couple of years I submitted one of my composition to a music supervisor that selected it for a TV ad campaign. And so I chose to go ahead in that direction and to invest some money in other gear to improve my studio set up. After a few years I got involved in several TV-cinema projects, and thanks to a prize I won in 2000, for the best original soundtrack for the motion picture 'Twenty' and other projects I did, I got signed by Warner Chappell Music Italy as a composer." And we have lift off. Claudio made a swift start as a music composer in the Italian TV/Cinema world. Praised for the atmospheric feel and modern approach, he grows out to one of the major composers in Italy.
Eye HearBesides dealing with soundtracks, motion pictures and remixes for Italian pop songs, there was another project that stole Claudio's time. He challenged himself and came up with 'Eye Hear', an album with electronic music and special visual videos to go along with them. On 'Eye Hear', the very first version of what later would be 'Cygnes' was featured. Claudio:" 'Eye Hear' is an audio visual project of electronic music I did in 2002. The video clip of the track 'D Lake' has won a lot of prizes and has been selected in several international film festivals. Unfortunately the record label NuN closed in 2003 and my project ended with the label. In the next months I will release the whole album again on iTunes by myself, with a brand new remix of 'D Lake'. "
Seven years later, it's 'D Lake' that's left an unforgettable impression to the many dance lovers in a different version. After listening to it on MySpace, it was French producer Mr. Sam that reworked it into 'Cygnes'. It was the little extra push Claudio needed to take the challange in today's EDM scene. Claudio:" 'Cygnes' is a sort of remix of my track 'D Lake' I released on my album project 'Eye Hear'. Sam, after listening to 'D Lake' on MySpace, asked me the permission to do a new version of the track and asked me to provide him all the separate tracks of my original production. I'm really glad with the result and I really think that Sam, along with Andy Duguid, has done a splendid job. I'm also glad that in the most important part of the track (the breakdown), it's 80% original parts that I have played and produced for the original version. The voice, the piano and the choirs." The vocoder type of vocal featured in it, was one of the tricks that divided it from the rest of the trance tracks around. Sharing the secret on how he worked this out though, is not something Claudio intends to do. Claudio: "This is my little secret. I've received tons of requests, asking me about how I did the vocal tracks in 'D lake (Cygnes)' . Maybe one day I will say it."Whether he'll reveal his secret or not, it's a fact that 'Cygnes' went up the charts, was featured on Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance 2008' album and caused true madness on the dancefloor, supported by the DJ elite. What more do you need? Exactly, the next challenge.
Rain & FutureAlways up for an experiment, the next challenge for Claudio came with the title 'Rain'. The success of 'Cygnes' stimulated him to try things solo. Claudio: "'Rain' is my first dance production. I like to experiment new ways of productions, but my main target is in the soundtrack genre. I don't think I'll produce another dance track by myself, but maybe in collaborations with other dance producers.I got involved in the production of 'Rain' after the success of 'Cygnes'. It was just an experiment and I'm really happy that my first trance track has been released by the number one dance label."
A more than welcome experiment, if you ask us. Even though he now belongs to the 'dance producers' group, this typifying label doesn't really fit Claudio. Claudio: "Basically, I'm not a dance producer. I always like to experiment with different genres of music and try different approaches of production/composition. At the moment I'm really focused on the composition and production of original soundtracks material."Claudio, and therefore his clAud9 alias, will always be involved with both visuals and audio. We cross our fingers that he'll be back with another tune like 'Cygnes' and 'Rain' soon. But first, there's some other business Claudio has to deal with. Claudio: "At the moment I'm working on the soundtrack of an Italian motion picture, which I think will keep me in the studio for several months. I have also finished a 'POP electronica' project with Italian DJ Matteoesse that features several great vocal artists such as Mozes of zero7, Sally Doherty, Emilia Majello of Planet Funk and Eleze, a very talented Italian singer." There's plenty of clAud9 out there. All you have to do to find it, is keep both eyes and ears open.
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