Artist of the Week: Arnej

September 10, 2009
Laughing his way through the stages of his young, yet impressive musical career, Arnej Secerkadic is more than just a serious player in this game called producing.

Laughing his way through the stages of his young, yet impressive musical career, Arnej Secerkadic is more than just a serious player in this game called producing. Anything coming from the hand of the Canada resident gets the approval and liking of EDM land. Two years after his first Arnej and 5 years after his first 8 Wonders release, he's still producing at the speed of club-stroboscopes. First vocal track 'Strangers We've Become' still hasn't lost its damaging power, and neither has 'Dust In The Wind'. But Arnej's not one to look back. 'Tommorow Never Comes' and 'There Are No Coincidences' are his two new soul-sketches, set to take everyone on a trip into their emotionally charged sound. Despite his on-going, forward striving force, Armada likes to reflect on the past 12 months. Time to face him with some of his old quotes.
"Progression plays a big part in your own personal growth as an artist." How did you progress in this past year?Arnej: "I feel like I solidified my position and my 'sound' furthermore than last year. I think there was something for everyone, from uplifting trance to deep progressive trance and even some house. This year is just yet another step in the ongoing growth process, one of hopefully many more to come!"
"My first production was terrible, but as with anything, practice makes perfect." Are you at that 'perfect' stage yet? Do you think you'll ever get there?Arnej: "Given my perfectionist nature, I will never get there since I am never fully satisfied with any of my works. I think a lot of artists can attest to this, you are truly never 'finished' but you have to come to a point where you've done enough and move onto the next project. "
"I find that if you put a little bit of yourself into the music, it gives it more worth." How did you manage to do so, looking at the past few tracks you've released?Arnej: "To me the core of any of my works is the melodic nature of it, a big theme that drives the flow/feeling of the track. Then this is wrapped up in a number of different genres. I definitely don't like to stick with just one style... I just go where the creative flow takes me, whether that is to success or down the sewage drain with the rest of ... 'debris' that flows in there. "
"If I am dealing with a certain situation, I may put it into a song." What's the last situation you translated into sound?Arnej: "Actually one of my newest singles is just exactly that, but I am not going to disclose what it means or what it's about... it will be one of those things that will be up to people's interpretations!"
"You get the most unimaginable 'kippenvel'." Does hearing one of your own tracks at a party still give you that special feeling?Arnej:"Oh, it absolutely does! Especially if it's something totally unexpected! Definitely puts a big smile on my face!"
Arnej: "I think my sound is tighter from a production and arrangement point of view. I am getting more comfortable with not sticking to any rules and just taking it where it takes me. You can probably expect a few more 'experimental' results but it will all definitely still be 'Arnej Only'."
"That's the funny thing about life: you never know where you'll end up." But the least you can do, is aim for something. What did you aim for, and do you feel you've reached it yet? Arnej: "Where are you pulling these quotes from? I don't even remember when/where I said it! I'll use a clichè statement and say that the sky is the limit. I am not quite there yet but good things come to those who wait...oh yeah, another clichè."
"The 'Armin Only' show in Utrecht, the part where Armin was behind the curtain, that was actually me." How does it feel to have finally dropped the curtain down and now DJ across the globe yourself? Are you enjoying it, or would you rather reside in the studio?Arnej:"Each has its own place and own special feeling... I wouldn't trade either one for another. I enjoy both quite a lot, but if I had to give an edge to one, it would have to be production. I enjoy the challenge of trying to develop something out of nothing."
"My first vocal single coming out on Armind, featuring the vocals of Josie, Jaren's sister." 'Strangers We've Become' was a great success. Did it make you 'see the light' in producing vocal tracks? Arnej:"Vocal records are fun and you can achieve a greater feeling than with just an instrumental. I am definitely going to work on more vocal records in the future, not so much to 'sell out' as the term is commonly thrown around, but because it presents another challenge and is yet another avenue of artistic expression."
"I have quite a bit of things that are planned in the future." Tell us, what's coming up?Arnej:"The album which is still very much in the works. I can also officially announce that I am the lead sound designer on the upcoming 'Heroes Of Newerth' project, of S2 Games. More info can be found at Probably a lot of people don't know that I've been doing game development on the side, but actually this is where my journey into sound originally began some 14 years ago. If I am not doing either then you can catch me on any of the various social networking sites."
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