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Arnej balances things out

February 18, 2010
Big question is: how does he balance things out?

While the rest of the world has its full focus on the Olympics, it’s the sounds of Arnej Secerkadic that come to mind when EDM fans think of Canada. Big room strings and bottomless deep beats escaped his studio in the past few years, to be caught, heard and loved by the crowd. ‘They Always Come Back’, ‘Dust In The Wind’ and ‘Strangers We’ve Become’ are only a few of his all destroying beat-beauties. At the dawn of 2010, he cuts the drama and starts things with a fresh sound, found on ‘They Need Us’ and ‘Ping Pong’. This new feel good EP rocks Markus Schulz’ new ‘Las Vegas ‘10’ compilation and has hit the Beatport Trance chart. While working on his debut album, Arnej also spends his time doing sound design for video games and travelling the world to rock the crowds with his DJ sets. Big question is: how does he balance things out?

Armada: How are you doing? Did you have a good start of the year?
Arnej:"I am doing quite well, thanks for asking! Musically the year has set off with a bang. ‘They Need Us’ is first release out and it's making quite a big dent both on the floors and DJ playlists, so I am really happy about that!"

Armada: You’re kicking off 2010 with no less than 4 releases. Had a busy time in the studio, hey?
Arnej:“You can say that I've been busy yes. Truth be told, last year I was a little too busy and did not do as much music as I had hoped, so this year my focus is on releasing as many quality singles as I can humanly produce!”

Armada: In an interview you called 'They Need Us' an 'anti-Arnej' track. Felt a bit rebellious there?
Arnej:”I wouldn't quite say rebellious but I definitely did want to do something just a little bit different. I called it anti-Arnej because prior to the track, most of my records have revolved around the melody being the focal point, the main attraction, so this track is different in the sense that the melody was the bassline itself. There was a melody in the breakdown but it was mostly just a teaser and a supporting element to the bassline. I did however do 2 versions of the track that should satisfy everyone's needs, the ones who prefer a more melodic climax and others who prefer a more ‘minimal’ approach to the climax.”

Armada: Will we be hearing more uplifting, happy stuff like this? Or will you go back to the darker, dramatic side in your songs?
Arnej:”There is going to be a large variety of themes, more epic/uplifting and of course more dramatic anthems. In fact, the follow up to ‘Dust In The Wind’ is already done, and it just may prove to be my most powerful anthem to date. Expect a lot of drama out of that one but this time straying a little bit away from progressive and going more towards banging trance.”

Armada: You’ve also got two new 8 Wonders out. Or actually, they’re ‘Arnej vs. 8 Wonders’. Are you having an identity crisis or were you too afraid people didn’t recognize you under this moniker?
Arnej: “I wasn't too afraid of people not recognizing 8 Wonders as my project even thou it has happened! I once received an email from a fan who thought that 8 Wonders was an alias of DJ Shah! So hopefully this will set the record straight. More importantly I decided to name these tracks as such because they represent a fusion of styles. “

Armada: What can you tell us about ‘Beginning of the End’ and ‘The Crossover’? What do we need to know about these trancers?
Arnej:”The two tracks are a prelude of what's to come in terms of sound. They are not quite Arnej but not quite 8 Wonders either. I would say that ‘Beginning Of The End’ has more of an Arnej influence in the sound and ‘The Crossover’ has more of an 8 Wonders influence to it. I wanted an EP that fans of both monikers would be able to like, so hopefully this will do the job! Fans of the more progressive side of Arnej don't have to worry as I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve ;). “

Armada: In a few weeks time, you'll be rocking the Trance Energy crowd on the Future stage. Given you've only been dj'ing for about a year, this'll probably be your biggest and best gig yet?
Arnej: “I have played at some big parties last year, but yeah Trance Energy will definitely be the biggest! I am really looking forward to it, as well as showcasing some new Arnej tunes, including the aforementioned ‘Dust In The Wind’ follow, which has Trance Energy written all over it!”

Armada: Any other noteworthy DJ adventures we need to know about?
Arnej: “We are working on an Australian and Asian tours at the moment, hopefully around the summer time, but more will be revealed when it's time.”

Armada: Next to DJ’ing and producing dance music, you’re also into video game sound design. Isn’t it hard to do it all, now that you’ve grown out to be so big?
Arnej: “It can be time consuming most certainly. Most of my days are spent either working on the video game or music, often switching back and forth between the two as ideas/creativity fizzles out. I need both as they tend to ‘balance’ me out. If I work on music for too long, I tend to get bored and often just sit in front of the monitor staring at the sequencer, which is not very productive! It is very important to take breaks, sometimes prolonged breaks, when writing music.”

Armada: What about the forthcoming Arnej album, which you've decided to delay? What was the reasoning behind this decision?
Arnej:”Well essentially I felt it wasn't the time for it. It would have been rushed and wouldn't have done for me what I want my artist album to do. So I decided to delay it till next year and work on my artist profile instead. My plans now are to release as many quality singles with a few remixes dispersed throughout. I feel like I wasn't productive enough last year, so I am most certainly going to make up for that. This will be the most productive year musically for me and I can't wait to showcase what I've done! I think there'll be something for everyone and that the fans won't be disappointed! ”

Armada: Anything else you'd like to share with us?
Arnej:”Keep an eye (and ear) out for me this year, big things are happening! In the meantime please visit my website and you can connect with me through all the most popular social networking sites!”

Download 'They Need Us' & 'Ping Pong' on Beatport!

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