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Armin van Buuren now part of Radio 538

January 17, 2011
A State Of Trance broadcasted on Radio 538 from Friday March 4th

A State Of Trance broadcasted on Radio 538 from Friday March 4th

It goes without saying that the radio show of the number one DJ of the world belongs at the number one radiostation of the Netherlands. From March 4th, Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance radioshow can be heard on Radio 538, every Friday. The DJ just announced his departure from SLAM!FM in 538's 'Evers Staat Op' show.

Armin van Buuren:"I'm incredibly happy to be reinforcing the Radio 538 team. I've had a great time at SLAM!FM. This is a new challenge for me. We're going to make a blast!"

Jan-Willem Br├╝ggenwirth, Managing Director: "A #1 DJ belongs with a #1 radiostation! Armin = Radio 538!"

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