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Armin van Buuren Announces ‘Top Armin Anthems’ Voting

September 25, 2014

In A State of Trance episode 681, Armin van Buuren announced a special assignment for all his fans: He wants you to select your 5 all-time favorite 'Armin Anthems' and vote for them here.

Based on your feedback, Armin will put together a selection of 20 of his tracks to create a brand new release called ‘Armin Anthems' — and you get to determine the tracklist!

If you want to create this special album together with Armin, simply go to login with your Facebook profile and select your five favorite Armin songs. You can make his next album exactly the way you want it. Put your top pick in the number one spot, your second favorite as number two, and so on all the way down the list.

Voting closes October 2nd, so hurry before it’s too late. Keep listening to A State of Trance for more information, and keep watching

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