Armin took it to the next Level

November 17, 2005
On November 12 Armin van Buuren played a nine hour DJ set for a sold out Ahoy.

On November 12 Armin van Buuren played a nine hour DJ set for a sold out Ahoy. From all over the world people came to Ahoy to see this highlight in Armin's career.It was a spectacular evening with a wide range in Dance music and a perfect entourage. The people who came all the way to Rotterdam had to wait for 2 and a half our before they actually got to see the person they came to Ahoy for. From 22:00 to 00:30 Armin played backstage! The only thing the crowd could see on the big screens were Armin's hands putting on the records. This was a real tension builder. After the official kick off with spectacular fire works and a cheering crowd, Armin appeared on the stage and immediately everybody was in the mood for an evening full of surprises. And a spectacular evening it was, but it wasn't 'Only Armin'who took this evening to the next level. There were lots of guest appearances who were allowed to join Armin on his musical journey. The first guest was the Dutch Piano phenomenon 'Jan Vayne' and this wasn't the first time they met on stage, they met each other before during 'Serenity'at Sensation White. After they played this monster hit, which has been in the charts for months, it was time to perform the track which is responsible for Armin's break trough in the UK; 'Communication' After this piano performance there was another big moment, especially for Armin himself because he played together with the man who's partial responsible for the success of Armin's second artist album 'Shivers'; Ray Wilson and with his own brother, Eller van Buuren, who showed up to assist him on his guitar. When this little family reunion was over, Armin took some time to meet his audience which was really appreciated by all people because the Ahoy almost latterly exploded. After this trip Armin got back to his booth which was on a Armada fleet ship. Armin played a set with much more highlights during the evening. Another popular act was the collaboration with the upcoming Dutch band Racoon!! This was without a doubt one of the most spectacular moments of the whole evening. With a new remix of the song 'Love You More', Armin and the lead singer of the Dutch band, Bart van der Weide, really rocked the show.Armin had the chance to spin the wheel for no less than 9 hours and that's why he had the opportunity to try a few of his new mixes of which 'Sweet Dreams' and 'Love You More' attracted the most people on to the dance floor.Later this evening more artists came and joined the show. Suzanne Boomhouwer, the girl who sang the Shivers vocals, came to do this live on stage and also Nadia Ali sang the big Armada track ' Who is Watching'.Further more there were DJ Remy and Roland Klinkenberg, who lifted the music a bit to a louder beat. When you put the evening together and look at all the guest artist, the dancers, the drummers and a crowd which counted almost twelve thousand people in a perfect atmosphere, you know it's going to be hard for the number 3 DJ of the world to outdo this next time.
There is a little surprise for those among us who had to miss Armin's marathon set!! You can listen to the first 3 hours of the set at and go to the 'Extra' area. If you're curious about the event itself and want to get an impression of the evening, then check here
To watch all the party pics of this 'Armin Only' evening, check out the gallery section.

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