Armin remixes Jordy van Loon's 'Toverbal' for 3FM Serious Request

December 23, 2008
Holland is about to be shocked with some serious beats.

Holland is about to be shocked with some serious beats! At this moment, 3 radiojocks of the Dutch radiostation 3 FM have settled themselves in the Glass House in Breda, Holland. In this public studio they try to raise money for a good cause: the Red Cross for fugitives. The jocks stopped eating for 6 days and make radio 24 hours a day, allowing people to request their favourite track for money.
Several music artists have contributed in this frivolous cause called 'Serious Request', and Armin was one of them. Last night, he was a sleeping guest in the house and didn't only play a wicked set to the visitors, but also made a remix of Jordy van Loon's 'Toverbal' song. This track is the official theme song of 'Serious Request' and was sung by Jordy van Loon, a 15-year old Dutch singer.
Armin was challenged to remix the track live in the Glass House, and the result is a banging, cheerful remix! Wanna check it out? Go to: the Serious Request website.
Feel free to donate for the Red Cross if you enjoy it!

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