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August 04, 2005
In many ways the spectacular event "Armin Only" on November 12th is a milestone for Armin van Buuren.

In many ways the spectacular event "Armin Only" on November 12th is a milestone for Armin van Buuren. After a series of successful Armin Only events in the clubs, the Dutch top dj will now take the big step to the Rotterdam Ahoy'. Despite the much larger Ahoy' the intimate club feeling of Armin Only will be preserved and the crowd can expect a beautifully decorated party with surprising show elements. During the 7 hour set Armin will take the crowd on an exciting and alternating musical journey, and several high ranking artists will help the dj/producer/label boss on the way. Read more...
Armin is fascinated to see what music can do to people and realizes that he as a dj plays an important role in this. Although the event in Ahoy' on November 12th is focused on Armin he does not want to be the main point of attention. Celebrating dance music with everyone during the event is more important than his own ego or career according to Armin. "As a dj I'm really no more than a provider of music. I am the person with the honour to let people hear the record. Sometimes I play a track on my radio show which I really don't like or I'm not sure of if it will become something. I play those tracks anyway, because at that moment I'm the provider. I definitely don't want to see myself as the centre.
The name of the event might suggest that the dj will only play his own productions, but nothing is further from the truth. Of course the required Armin tracks and tracks from the Armada label will be played. Armin emphasizes that there will be a variety of dance styles played during the night, with the aim to keep people moving all night. A dj set is more than just playing hit after hit according to Armin. Dance means being hypnotized and being drawn in by the music. "Perhaps nowadays that takes more effort. In the sixties and seventies we didn't have mobile phones and there was much stress. There was probably more room to be open for new music. I'd like to challenge the crowd nevertheless. With Armin Only I'd like to show that people are open for new and good music."
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