Armin Only Ahoy

September 29, 2005
After Armin van Buuren's overwhelming set on August 6th at Dance Valley, the expectations are very high for the event 'Armin Only' on November 12th at the Ahoy, Rotterdam.

After Armin van Buuren's overwhelming set on August 6th at Dance Valley, the expectations are very high for the event 'Armin Only' on November 12th at the Ahoy, Rotterdam. This will be a night to remember because the number 3 DJ of the world is on fire at the moment.
During this night Armin will take his audience on a musical journey and under while some special artist will climb on board to assist him on this unforgettable trip.
Armin van Buuren: 'Dance music is being hypnotised and about losing yourself into the music, a DJ set is a lot more than just playing a few hits. In the old days you where either progressive, house, trance or techno but these days, where all musical styles come together, the borders are starting to disappear.At Ahoy' I'm going to challenge the audience and prove to them that people are open to new good music these days'
After almost a dozen of successful episodes of 'Armin Only' in the Dutch club scene, the concept slowly started to crawl over the borders of the Netherlands with party's in Ibiza, the US, the UK and Greece. That's why the time has come to take the event to the next level, and who can think of a better place than the Dutch music temple; Ahoy' Rotterdam.
Armin van Buuren: 'The Armin Only party's have been, till now, the best party's of my career. Playing for a crowd of at least 2500 people has been a blast, but it's time to move on. That's why we decided to set up a cooperation with UDC and bring Armin Only to Ahoy where the concept can grow much bigger.Together we can be a lot more creative and are capable of throwing a bigger party for a smaller price (only 35 Euros!) The last few years UDC has proven to be a fantastic, professional organisation which is capable of organising small and bigger events. During the night there will be some guest who are also responsible for the success of my second album; Shivers'.
After the success of having an own area and this year an own stage at Dance Valley the cooperation between UDC en Armada Music gets his logical continuation with the Indoor event in Rotterdam.
'Armin is about to become number one at the world's most prestigious DJ list; the DJ top 100 Mag' , thus Brian Bout, director of UDC.'Given the good relationship and years of cooperation I think we must do everything we can to be as supportive as possible. Moreover it's clear that Armin is ready to take the next step and the concept is a good supplement for our events.In the last few years he became much more mature and he's ready for having his own concert, which is totally dedicated to his own style. With all the ingredients I face at the moment I couldn't think of anything else than the party is going to be a great success'.
That the theme at Ahoy is going to be 'Water' shall not come as to much of a surprise, at least, for the most of us who where there at Dance Valley.The Eye blinding stage, a big sail ship at the 17th decade, will also dock at Ahoy. The record company: Armada Music BV is named after this invincible Spanish fleet.Armin grew up next to the water and loves to sail. That's why it isn't a coincidence that the Armin Only club nights are on the Ocean Diva in Amsterdam.The step of Armin going to the biggest harbour in the world is therefore not a to un logical fact.

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