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Armin Only 2010 - Mirage

June 24, 2010
Armin van Buuren is proud to announce a new edition of his 'Armin Only'.

Armin van Buuren is proud to announce a new edition of his 'Armin Only'.

On November 13th 2010, fans of the Dutch DJ  will be in the Jaarbeurs venue in Utrecht, where he’ll celebrate the release of his new artist album ‘Mirage’ with a new edition of the ‘Armin Only’ concert. Armin Only 2010 – Mirage will be one of the first shows of a world tour, with at least 15 cities across 5 different continents.

After two sold-out gigs at Rotterdam’s Ahoy venue, Armin first played at the Jaarbeurs in 2008. Nearly 20,000 fans witnessed ‘Imagine’ with a 9-hour DJ set, including live performances by Sharon den Adel, Jacqueline Govaert and several other vocalists. The number one DJ, captain of the critically acclaimed DJ Mag Top 100 for the previous three years, could look back on a successful kick-off to his Armin Only world tour, which included such major cities as Los Angeles, Melbourne, Sydney and Bucharest.

With Armada Music’s release of his new album, ‘Mirage’, in September 2010, Armin is once again ready to enthrall the global dance scene with the sound of his album. A little foretaste of what’s in store is the first single, ‘Full Focus’, out now on iTunes .

According to organizer Alda Events, visitors to Armin Only 2010 - Mirage will be treated to an audiovisual spectacle, with various show elements and exciting guest-performances by artists who worked with Armin on the new album.

Armin van Buuren:”For me, ‘Mirage’ is all about the feeling of euphoria I experience when I see all those people enjoying themselves during my set. It’s my passion for music that I share with everyone, at a moment like that. If that special connection is there, it almost feels like a blanket of positive energy takes over in the hall. Those are the times when I enjoy myself at 200 percent. And that’s exactly the feeling I want to express with ‘Mirage’.”

More dates will be revealed soon. Armin van Buuren’s fourth artist album, ‘Mirage’, will be available on September 10th 2010. Tickets will be available from June 24th  onwards at:

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