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Armada YouTube Singing Competition: vocalists wanted!

May 25, 2010
Female or male vocalist, if you've got what it takes…you're welcome to enter the Armada YouTube Singing Competition!

Always singing along with Armada tracks? Do you strongly believe it should be you doing the vocals for that one track? Then this is your lucky day! Armada Music is always on the look-out for new talent. And this time, we're looking for vocalists and singers. Female or male vocalist, if you've got what it takes…you're welcome to enter the Armada YouTube Singing Competition!

Step 1: Record
We need you (yes, you!) to record a video of you singing one of the Armada tracks, acapella. Whether that's one of Armin van Buuren's tracks or tyDi's new club cracker, you pick your favourite vocal track. Whether that be house, trance or progressive. We do prefer quality and good camera's over noisy, mobile phone uploads, so make sure you're using the right equipment to show your skills. Try to make it at least 1 minute of singing, anything shorter won't be selected. We need to have an idea of your natural voice so don't play tricks with any filters, please. And one last tip: don't forget to press play!

Step 2: Put it on YouTube!
We created a special YouTube group, , for this competition, where you can upload your video. We will first check your entry and see if it applies to our rules, before adding the video to the page. After we've approved it, it's available for the world. You better sing like a bird, cause the whole YouTube society will be able to hear it!

Step 3: Wait and Win
Feel free to let all your friends and family know you've entered the competition. The more views you get, the more your video will stand out. Eventually, the number of views won't make you the winner, but we will look at the public's favourite. In the end, we will make a selection of the most viewed and best vocal videos and will name the winner of the competition.

What's in it for you?
World fame, bling-bling and VIP for eternity. Seriously, it's nothing less than the honorable chance to work with an Armada producer duo and have your track released. Which producer-duo exactly? We'll keep that a secret for now! Together with our mystery producers, you'll be working on a track that's set for release as soon as our A&R team approves. So give it your best, cause you might just end up being the winner of an official Armada Music release!

So pick your favourite vocal track, practice and start taping. Upload your video to the special Armada Music YouTube group, , before July 30th! The official winner will be chosen in the first week of August 2010. Good luck, and start singing!

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