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Armada Stream 40 2012 - 34

August 24, 2012
A new week means new chances for your favourite tune to appear in the Stream 40! And an exciting week it is…! Not only did we launch the official Armada Stream 40 app on Spotify, we’ve also picked up some new highlights for you to enjoy. This week, we’re rocking to a brand new number one!

There are some very interesting changes happening in the Stream 40 this week! We’ve got some hot new releases which are climbing faster and faster, being the talk of social media and rocking charts. One thing remains the same though, and that’s the number one!

Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten did an excellent job reshaping classic ‘Loops & Tings’, out on Coldharbour Recordings. Their new interpretation of the classic has been featured in the Stream 40 for 2 weeks and both of these weeks at number one!

We’ve also got a brand new Top 5 entry, coming from team Antillas! Peaking at number 3, is ‘Top Of The World’, a contagious house tune with a very sexy music video.

New entries this week include the brand new Dash Berlin collab with singer Emma Hewitt, ‘Like Spinning Plates’. If you haven’t checked out the music video yet, be sure to do so!
Other new entries include Aly & Fila and Roger Shah’s ‘Perfect Love’, Matt Darey’s ‘I Still Remember’, Skytech’s ‘What’s Wrong’ and Che Jose’s ‘The Fear’!

Wanna find out if your favourite is in there? Check out the full Stream 40!

Stream 40 App
Wanna listen to all of these tracks, as well as searching the archive, check out the Armada Stream 40 app on Spotify!

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