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Armada Podcast 087

August 27, 2012
Episode 086 features a new release on Zouk Recordings by Che Jose featuring Elephant Pilot, a new Ron Hagen and Al-Exander, Aly & Fila's team up with Roger Shah as well as a new release by Skytech and Sied van Riel!

Armada Music will keep you on track on all things Armada with the official Armada Music Podcast. The Armada Podcast features our latest releases, artist-news and well… simply rocks your ears. Every week, we’ll air a special selection of new tracks and keep you up to date on everything you need to know about Armada. Win albums, stay on track and most of all: enjoy the music!

Episode 087 features Andy Moor's new release 'K Ta', a new track by Nifra on Coldharbour, Andrew Rayels latest work on ASOT, a new release by Kryder on Trice Recordings and the first release on Energetic Sounds by Divini & Warning!

  1. Andy Moor - K Ta
  2. Nifra - Dark Harbour
  3. Andrew Rayel - Exponential
  4. Kryder - Ultima
  5. Divini & Warning - MFE

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