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Armada Night Radio 161 (Incl. Ruben de Ronde x Rodg - Togetherr (30-Minute Album Special)

June 20, 2017

Listen to Armada Night Radio Episode 161 here.

1. Wallaby feat. Ke'nekt - Messin' Around [Armada Chill]
2. Qulinez - Boys Don't Cry [Armada Trice]
3. Jose Nuñez feat. Mr. V - Redlights [Subliminal]
4. Mike Hawkins - Klobber [Vaypor]
5. Paul Thomas & White-Akre - Red Skies [Armada Electronic Elements]
6. Calvo - In Love With You [Armada Trice]
7. Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli feat. Kye Sones- Heavy Love [Armind]
8. Rub!k - First Light [Armada Captivating]
9. Orjan Nilsen feat. Rykka - The Hardest Part [Armind]
10. Justin Prime feat. CUT_ - Light It Up [Armada Music]

Guest Mix: Ruben de Ronde X Rodg "Togetherr" Album Special 30 Minutes

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