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Armada Night Radio 101 (Incl. Quinten 909 Guest Mix]

April 26, 2016

After the celebratory 100th episode, we're back doing a 'regular' show again. That doesn't make it any less special though. We've got Quinten 909 on guest mix duty, a bunch of sublime Armada tracks in the Armada Night Radio Mix and three of the best tunes in the Armada Stream 40 Top 3. What else could you possibly need?

Listen to Armada Night Radio below or check out this and all previous episodes here.

Armada Night Radio Mix:
1. Sebastian Davidson - Should Love You (Extended Mix) [Armada Chill]
2. Frank Pole feat. Kris Allen - Some Days (Extended Mix) [The Bearded Man]
3. Jan Blomqvist - Empty Floor (Extended Mix) [Armada Deep]
4. Cropper - Straight Wylin' (Extended Mix) [Armada Deep]
5. Jetique & Kelvin Monroe feat. Joshua Khane - Tainted By Love (Extended Mix) [Armada Deep]
6. Going Deeper - Turn It Back (feat. Dwight Steven) (Extended Mix) [Armada Music]
7. Estiva - Overwatch (Extended Mix)[Statement!]
8. Jochen Miller & Kerano - United (Extended Mix)[Armada Trice]
9. Exis - TRPLT (Extended Mix) [Armada Captivating]
10. Harrison X Juicy M - LA Girls (Extended Mix) [Armada Music]

Guest Mix: Quinten 909
1. Quinten 909 - Party People
2. Worthy - This Time
3. Quinten 909 - Used To Be (ft. Dan Stezo)
4. Greg Van Bueren & YAX.X ft. I-FAN - S.O.S (Quinten 909 Remix)
5. Jesse Rose & Playmode - Take It Back
6. Chemical Surf & Juliet Sikora - What's That
7. Quinten 909 - Where Da Funk At
8. Trinidad - La Raya
9. Quinten 909 & Mike McFly ft. Tom Hammond - The End

Highest New Entry:
Justin Prime - Insane

Tune Of The Week:
Decoy! - Stellar


W&W - How Many

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