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Armada Night in Tel Aviv

March 19, 2010
Israel is the country, Tel Aviv the city and Hoaman 17 the club you want to be at on Thursday April 8th!

After the grand success of the three Russian Armada Nights, we now travel to a whole different part of the globe. Israel is the country, Tel Aviv the city and Hoaman 17 the club you want to be at on Thursday April 8th. The Armada sound will cause a blistering heat in the world-famous club, where some of the biggest DJ’s have played. This Armada Night, for all Israeli fans and globetrotters, serves you two names that will surely make an impression.

First off, we got Armada Night resident ElSandro. Still recovering from his 3 night tour in cold Russia, the DJ that’s been warming up the Armada crowd for years already, is now ready for peak time madness. Not only is he the A&R manager of Armada, he’s also making name as a producer with his latest track ‘Style Fusion’. ElSandro’s melodic blend of progressive house and trance is guaranteed to rock the Tel Aviv floors.

Another big name in the Armada Music family, is Dash Berlin. The Dutch DJ/producer and Aropa Records owner arouses crowds all across the globe and has gigs in Miami, Mexico, Indonesia, Canada lined-up for the next couple of weeks. His first compilation, ‘United Destination 2010’ is set for release on March 22nd, while his ‘The New Daylight artist album still makes the repeat button the dance scene’s best friend. During Armada Night in Hoaman 17, expect a wild ride into the Dash Berlin sound as you’ll be taken on a trip of big room progressive, scintillating trance and sturdy house stabs.

If you want to be part of this special Armada Night, then be sure to order your tickets on their website as soon as possible. On April 8th, you’ll find yourself experiencing a night to never forget.

Checkout some photos from previous Armada Nights.

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