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Armada Music Stream 40 - Week 13 - 2016

April 01, 2016

We're 'With You', Cedric! Your latest track with Jack Wilby is exceptional and it truly deserves to the title of highest climber! Cedric Gervais feat. Jack Wilby - 'With You' rose from #16 to #9! Well done!

Another The Bearded Man single hits the charts and this time, it's Twax feat. Solomina - 'Tom's Diner'. As the highest new entry of this week at #30, this is a must-listen.

Aaaaaand.... The reign continues. 'Heading Up High' still retains its #1 spot in the Armada Music Stream 40 Charts and there has yet to be a tune that take away that leading position for good. But until then, the #1 is Armin van Buuren feat. Kensinton - 'Heading Up High'!

For the full list, head over to the Armada Music Stream 40 on Spotify or listen here to discover the best performing tunes of the week.

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