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Armada Music Stream 40 - Week 12 - 2016

March 25, 2016

Last week, we said we couldn't get enough of this track. And what do you know, we still can't! Apparently, neither can you, because Seizo's 'Oh, Baby' is the highest climber again! Sweet!

Another ridiculously infectious Zouk Recordings release has hit the Armada Music Stream 40 charts. Coming in at #27, Ken Loi and singer Thomas Daniel are 'Coming 4 U'!

Well these guys that crafted up 'Heading Up High' (read: Armin van Buuren and Kensington), sure are no push-overs. They had to take a step down from #1 last week as MOUNT & Nicolas Haelg took over the prime spot with 'Something Good', but the tables have turned now. 'Heading Up High' is the #1 in the Armada Music Stream 40 yet again! We wonder how long this second reign will last.

For the full list, head over to the Armada Music Stream 40 on Spotify or listen here to discover the best performing tunes of the week.

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