Armada Music starts new imprint: S107 Recordings

January 13, 2009
The Armada Music family is growing fast and steady.

The Armada Music family is growing fast and steady. Only shortly after Andy Moor's Ava Recordings has joined, Armada Music starts a new label for vocal progressive trance tracks: S107 Recordings.
The main reason to start the S107 imprint, is to ensure more quality tracks will be released in a slightly faster pace. Sander Bouma, A&R of Armada Music, explains: 'We don't want to hold on to releases too long anymore. Recently I've been sent so many brilliant new vocal tracks that the idea of a label for only vocal progressive / trance tracks came to mind. Next to that all the other labels are doing really well and the schedules look great, so there was a gap to fill. Times are changing in music industry. The days of promoting a track for months and months before release are as good as gone.'
The S107 label will concentrate on vocal progressive trance. Sander: 'We have always been releasing these type of tunes on other sublabels and will surely continue to, but with S107 we will completely focus on the vocal tracks. We'll build a catalogue of tracks that are great to listen to at home, but also work on the dance floors.'
S107 will kick off with the award winning cooperation between young talents Tenishia and singer Tiff Lacey, 'Burning From The Inside'. Even though the track won the Award for Best Dance Tune 2008 at the Malta Music Awards, Tenishia is relatively new to the scene. So are Benya, Manvel Ter-Pogosyan and Passive Progressive, of which the next three releases will be. Sander: 'It's a real pleasure to see that there is so much talent out there! In the future we might also sign some already more established names to the label, but in the end it's all about the music and the quality of it.'

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