Armada Music launches new Aropa Records imprint

February 27, 2009
Armada Music is glad to inform you that we have just launched Aropa Records, a new label with Dutch producer/DJ Dash Berlin.

Armada Music is glad to inform you that we have just launched Aropa Records, a new label with Dutch producer/DJ Dash Berlin. The official 24th imprint to be part of the Armada Music family will host Dash Berlin's tracks and form a platform where quality trance music can evolve to set new and groundbreaking standards.

Aropa Records is the result of a partnership between Armada Music and Dutch producer Dash Berlin. The first release of the imprint is by Dash Berlin, teamed up with the renowned trance trio Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren. Joined forces, they bring a vocal trance track called 'Man On The Run', of which a remix package will be included as the official second Aropa release. Jeff Sutorius, front man of Dash Berlin and label manager of Aropa explains: 'I don't want to give away all the secrets I have in store for 2009, but you can trust me when I say there will be some big releases coming up! On the one hand, the Aropa record label will be closely connected to me because from now on all the new Dash Berlin tracks will be released there. On the other hand, it will be about other artists that share the same vision. This can mean in collaboration with me, or as a solo artist.'

Dash Berlin, a team up of front man Jeff Sutorius and fellow producers Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg, have been producing for international dance acts such as Alice Deejay, Sander Kleinenberg and Solid Sessions. Jeff Sutorius has build up a solid DJ and producing career over the past years. The Dash Berlin collective was formed in early 2006, had a big hit with 'Till The Sky Falls Down' in 2008 and are now ready for the next step in 2009. Sutorius: 'After the unexpected, worldwide success of 'Till The Sky Falls Down', it all unfolded naturally into the next step, which was to design my own division under the wings of Armada Music. Aropa is the future platform for my new releases and the music I like personally as a deejay. My mission is to make sure that Aropa becomes and remains a synonym for progression and quality.'

The meaning of the word 'Aropa' also explains the vision of Aropa Records. Jeff Sutorius: 'Somewhere in the world, there was this bountiful exotic island with a very small population. I believe there were only twelve families living there. Whenever something of value came upon the shore, it was shared equally among the people. The natives called this principle 'Aropa'. It's this beautiful tale that inspired me. I hope I can achieve something similar with the label; if I come across something good, I will share it with you via Aropa Records.'

For more information about Aropa Records, go to or the Aropa Records Myspace page.

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