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Armada Music Presents New Label: MAKTUB MUSIC RECORDS

August 15, 2016

AMSTERDAM, August 12th, 2016 – The Future R&B-scene has a new player to take note of. Today, Maktub Music Records breaks onto the scene as a fresh joint venture between Armada Music and Justin Hendrik. Heavily invested in melodic records with electronic beats and Urban/R&B influences, Maktub Music Records should make for an excellent addition to the current and (already) diverse label roster of the Amsterdam-based record label.

Justin Hendrik - the head honcho of Maktub Music Records - has been making waves in the music industry for six years now, with artist management and music publishing as his main focal point. His experience as one of this industry’s frontmen is what the foundation of Maktub Music Records is built on, as is his own musical preference.

Justin Hendrik: “I pitched a few tracks to Maykel and we were instantly on the same page. We drank a double espresso, shook each other’s hand, and sealed the deal by shouting “Let’s Do This” in unison. Maktub Music Records had taken shape. Maktub – “it is written”.”

Maykel Piron: “The launch of Maktub Music Records is a very special moment. Not just for Justin and myself, but for the whole of Armada. We are new to the Future R&B scene, but there’s no doubt in our mind that Maktub Music Records will rise to become one of the most stand-out labels in the scene.

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