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Armada Label Spotlight: Coldharbour Recordings

July 15, 2010
Get to know Markus Schulz' Coldharbour Recordings a little better...

‘Coldharbour citizens’. That’s how DJ, producer and label owner Markus Schulz refers to the people loving the sounds released on his Coldharbour Recordings label. Coldharbour is famous for its deep and moody tracks, produced by the likes of Arnej and Rex Mundi. Other famed Coldharbour names are Max Graham, Tenishia and Mike Foyle. Of course you’ll also find Markus Schulz’ very own productions on there. In 2009 Markus had a big side project called ‘Dakota’, with which he released the ‘Thoughts Become Things’ album. That darker sound can also be found on Coldharbour Red. With Coldharbour Red, Markus focuses on upcoming, younger talents. Australia’s tyDi and the Swedish Marcus Schössow are just two of the names who can be found on this imprint.

A selection of tracks and remixes of both labels, Couldharbour Recordings and Couldharbour Red, awaits you on the Coldharbour YouTube Channel. Another must-have, and not just for ‘Coldharbour citizens’, is the special label mix, which also can be found on the channel.

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